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Whenever anybody asks me “what are your favourite films”, when my answer is proffered I’m usually met with a blank stare akin to a dog being shown a card trick. Along with the likes of Fargo, Being John Malkovich and Easy Rider, one of the first names out of my mouth is usually Breaking Away.“Breaking A-what-now?” Co...

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  1. I saw this file in the cinema in about 1978/9 in Richmond London. The whole audience spontaneously rose to their feet and applauded at the end. Never seen this before or since. »

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I’d need a thousand just to describe the carefully disheveled cap placement. I’d need another grand just to describe the positioning of the cranks or front skewer or downtube shifters. I’d be another mille mot in the hole to discuss the fit of the jersey or the white socks and b...

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  1. Gosta Peterson was one of four brothers who rode the Team Time Trial for Sweden (winning Olympic medals) and then went to find their fortunes in Italy. Gosta, Erik, Tomas and Sture if I recall correctly. Gosta won a Giro and was third in the 1970 tour. »