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  1. @Gianni @Mikael Liddy @Deakus Thanks for replying. Through sites like this I’m somehow maintaining a sense of humor and trying to focus on the riding that is to come, even if I won’t be pining on a number anytime soon. Banksy pretty much says it all… »

  2. Frank- Thank you. You’ve put into words what I have yet to. On January 8th of this year I crashed while on one of my favorite rides on the planet. A classic Northern California loop out of Woodside, I wound up to and over Skyline through redwoods to the… »

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  1. One could argue that the anatomy of this picture shows The V truly being lay’d down… and the bike is being picked up… »

During the birth of The Rules, just like the Big Bang, there was a flurry of new activity, too much expanding and not enough contracting; certainly not enough thinking. It’s hard to keep the throttle back when divining the Word of Merckx in real time. The interweb tubes whistled with new Rules shuttling back and forth, beers consumed, genius...

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  1. Thank you for Rule #19.. My username is Wrench. Pleased to meet you all. I gotta admit (and ask The Prophet for forgiveness) I often let my 8 and 10 year old break Rule #49.. Sometimes.. the only way to properly clean beater BMX bikes is to flip them … »


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  1. I love this place.. »

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  1. Very thankful to have discovered this place. Thank you for all your hard work. It’s a rare day I don’t find myself here reading and being completely entertained! »

I appreciate my helmet. I treat it with respect. I never leave for a ride without it. I replace it after a crash or even after helplessly watching it bound down the stairwell like some kind of deformed styrofoam slinky-dink after allowing it to slip from my grasp. (This activity also typically involves some assertions questioning what it does in it...

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  1. @ChrisO The suggestion of the a new rule was in fact mine.. Said more in jest than ever expecting it to see added to the near biblical set of rules; I am a firm believer in the helmet. Working as a Paramedic Fireman long enough to be completely burnt out… »

  2. The days of old are behind us. As classic and inspirational as they are; we have moved forward for the better on some levels. May I be bold enough to suggest a Rule #88? Wear Your Helmet.. with the explanation as a direct quote from the father of @Ron? ‘a… »

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  1. @frank Thanks! »

  2. Am I in violation of Rule #21 if I wear a traditional cap the entire season? I’m bald and would like to protect myself from all the elements yet, fear breaking the rules.. »

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  1. @frank I couldn’t agree with you more.. I have always believed that road bike brakes are solely meant for scrubbing speed and I ride that way. Stopping is a bonus. Lock up a brake on a bike and you’re jacked anyway you look at it.. Road bike disc brake… »

  2. Ahhh, The road bicycle wheel. Take a deep look now. Breathe it in. Imbed it in your mind’s eye.. Fall asleep to it after a long day rolling on them. I hate to say this but their pure aesthetic is all about to be completely ruined by the disc brake and the… »

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  1. @brett I stand corrected.. I’m learning. »

  2. Amen »