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For those of us whose lot it is to carry out our days lit by the pale light of a computer screen, the desktop wallpaper represents an important choice. More so that the framed photos upon our desks of our loved ones, or the inspirational posters hung upon our walls, our desktop wallpaper says something about us that nothing else does; it describes in no uncertain terms the place to where our minds drift during each stolen moment throughout our days.

Regrettably, most of us are destined to spend large amounts of time not upon our bikes. The next ride, however, is never far from our consciousness, and a cycling-related wallpaper can do wonders to carry us from one ride to the next. We have carefully selected wallpapers that speak to La Vie Velominatus; indeed, these are not just wallpapers. No, these are VVallpapers.

All VVallpers were taken either by the Keepers or have graciously been contributed by members of the community; if you have a photo you’d like to submit, please email it to us for review.

Ambrosios with FMB’s glued on can only be made more beautiful by becoming covered in Flemish mud after riding the route of De Ronde.

The gleam of light from the polished aluminum on Campagnolo’s older freehubs is like none other. The hub sweeps from the drive side towards the quick-release lever in a characteristically sensual curve and is polished to the Campa-only luster to provide a hypnotic glow as the hub spins.

There is no component that speaks more clearly to the history of our sport than a Campagnlogo Quick-Release, invented out of frustration by Tullio Campagnolo in 1927.

Gleaming metal bits speak to the days when cycling components were made with care and gleamed in the sunlight. The tradition is kept alive at Royce UK.

Gleaming metal bits speak to the days when cycling components were made with care and gleamed in the sunlight. The tradition is kept alive at Royce UK.

Wheels must always be built such that the hub’s emblem may be read when sighted through the valve hole.

The west slopes of the fearsome Col du Tourmalet in the heart of the Pyrenees, approaching from Luz Saint-Sauveur, France.

This narrow ribon of asphalt that makes up the road to Luz Ardiden looks as theough it was carelessly cast onto the mountainside by an disinterested deity.

Mont Ventoux

Location: Mont Ventoux, France / Contributor: @roadslave

Clouds hang heavy on the barren slops of the Mont Ventoux, making the already intimidating peak even more mysterious.

Sa Clobra

Location: Sa Calobra, Mallorca / Contributor: @roadslave

In the words of @roadslave:

Anyone who has ridden this climb will tell you just how emotionally tumescent this climb/descent makes you feel…. like some road engineer has taken a silver ribbon and tossed it carelessly and flamboyantly on the hillside to create a path down to the bay.  If you weigh 65kg and you can generate 370w at threshold it should take you 28 minutes.  I, of course, don’t, can’t and it didn’t.

The Beartooth Pass is a must-climb pass that lies on the border between Montana and Wyoming near Yellowstone Park. Even in the middle of summer, snowbanks stand high on the upper slopes.

Climbing the Beartooth Pass from Cooke City, the switchbacks towards the top remind one of how high the road has climbed.

Passo Giau

Location: Belluno, Italy / Contributor: Anno Pieterse

Climbing up the Giau from Cortina on a rainy day, the clouds opened a little on the summit. Heroes come and heroes go, but the mountain remains.

The sensation of flight while descending the Passo Giau inspires chills; the cold weather together with the great curves and satisfaction of the accomplished ride.

Meditate on The V. Contemplate its simple symmetry and its occurrence everywhere in the sport, from the parting of the water spray on a Rule #9 ride, to the shape of well-toned muscles. The V is everywhere.

Lock Screen

Home Screen

The Velominati Logo lock screen paired to pavé.

Lock Screen

Home Screen

A photograph taken of a spread from Rouleur’s 1989 Tour de France comic illustrated by the great Richard Mitchelson, paired to pavé.

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