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Home Sweet Home

Midwinter Metric Meiklour Cogal Report 2013

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The view from Strahlubnaig. December 21st, 2013, at latitude 56 ½ degrees North, a little before 9am, and of course not fully light yet in this small corner of north west Europe, where the shortest day grudgingly gives us 6h 50m of what can be loosely described as ‘daylight’. Of course, the Great Cloud Belt…

Baby it's wet outside.

Guest Article: What The Bike Means to Me

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It is less than a week from the longest night of the year for us lucky cyclists in the Northern hemisphere. Articles about lighting systems and losing form are what we cough up. @Strathlubnaig has even shorter days than most of us, works at sea, gets out on the bike and writes about it. Rule…

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