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Reverence: Velox Fond de Jante Rim Tape

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The very first time I ever pulled a tire and tube off of a rim it made an impression on me and it still does. I’m not sure I expected to find anything other than the tube between the rim and tire but there it was, some sort of tape. The French words, “Fond de…

Announcing New V-Features: The Rides and The Cogals

Announcing New V-Features: The Rides and The Cogals

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I peer into my V-Pint, seeking out the V-Cog in its base as the hoppy taste of a local IPA washes over my tongue and begins its work. I breathe out slowly, basking in the sense of satisfaction that can only come from knowing you’ve done just enough to avoid failure. That’s right, fellow Velominati; we’ve launched…


Rule 8: It’s Gotta Be The Shoes

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What Gianni humbly omitted from his last article is that once he finishes ranting about sock color (actually, the lack of need for any color other than than white), he recovers quickly and we wrap up the Keepers executive board meeting with him tearing our legs off on the ride home from the bar with…

Ryan Kelly on the 200 on 100 photo: Chandler Delinks

Training with the Pros

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Training with the Pros, it sounds like fun but it can’t be. Pros are genetic freaks; they put more kilometers on their bikes than any of us civilians do on our cars each year, they ride around whole countries at an average speed greater than 40km/hour and they can dish out such Rule V style…

Madonna! What time is it?  photo:Reuters

Guest Article: The Ride Starts On Time. No Exceptions.

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In light of the first North American Cogal (a Cogal is a gathering of Velominati just like a Cabal was a gathering of Illuminati); this Guest Article by community lurker @gmoosh seems apropos. Except that obviously every ride starts at V past the hour. In this spirit, we have added Rule #87. Message from the Keepers…

Announcing New V-Features: Community Page and VVallpapers

Announcing New V-Features: Community Page and VVallpapers

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Whenever The Keepers disappear a bit and our postings become sporadic and pointed, you can bet we’re either out riding our bikes or we’ve been busy working away at new features for the site. We have a number of features in various states of completion, and we’ll be rolling them out over the course of the next…

Freddy Maertens-Former World Road Champion photo:Jesse Willems

Velominati Super Prestige: 2011 Men’s Elite Worlds Road Race

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A clatter of the metal grate rolling up signals another opening of the Velominati Bookmaker’s Office. The gaggle of skinny (and not so skinny, you know who you are) jabbering cycling addicts rush the door, each with their dream of a bumper sticker dancing in their heads. Before the office opened the bookies have consulted…


Reverence: Velib-The Paris Free Bicycle System

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Before arriving in Paris I kept hearing, “Oh the best way to see Paris is on foot, walk the whole city, it's really the only way to experience it.” I'd rather be shot and thrown into a dumpster by the Seine. Walking is not for cyclists – it sours the guns, it's slow as hell.…

Photo: REUTERS / Miguel Vidal

Velominati Super Prestige: 2011 La Vuelta a España

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Spain is an awesome country. It has amazing scenery, culture, cities and chicas… oh, the chicas. Its football competition features the world’s best players, their national team are the reigning World Cup holders, and they boast world champions in tennis, Moto GP, Superbikes and Formula 1. They regularly kick the collective asses of France and…


Haleakala, Rematch: Some People Just Don’t Learn

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When Icarus flew too close to the sun, it was more than just the heat from the sun that caused his mighty fall; it was also the brilliance of his pride. As I contemplate my next ride up the Haleakala Highway and Crater Road which leads to the summit of Haleakala, I can’t help but…

The TVM Gazelle with mostly Dutch and Belgian colors

Biography of a Velominatus: Gert-Jan Theunisse

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The last Dutchman to win the KoM in le Tour was Gert-Jan Theunisse. He was also the last Dutchman to win atop Alpe d'Huez. The year was 1989 and I was too busy riding crotch-rockets, water skiing, and coiffing the plumage of my mullet to notice much else besides an American and fellow Minnesotan had…


Il Profeta Progetto

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Mates are supposed to be just that; mates. They are meant to be supportive, to help you out when you need them, to make your existence a good experience. My mates want to see me suffer. A couple of these 'mates' (who shall remain nameless, but not shameless) thought it would be a good idea…


La Vie Velominatus, Part III: Urban Riding

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There is little in life that compares to a ride along a quiet country road. This surely is the altar of our sport, where all the greatest qualities of cycling are brought into relief by the simple act of propelling yourself along by your own power. Despite being social creatures, the experience is heightened by…

Legend. Photo: Rueters

Who’s your Poppy?

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You’d think that with such an historical event taking place in France overnight that the Australian newspapers would be a sea of yellow and ‘we are the champions’ headlines this morning. Yet what I saw staring back at me when I visited one of the most respected newspaper websites (ie not a Murdoch tome) was a…

Faboo goes Casually Deliberate on the Phantom Aerobars during the 2010 RVV. Photo: Roberto Bettini.

Look Pro, Part VIII: The Phantom Menace

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Casually Deliberate is at the core of Looking Pro; it’s something that comes from a lifetime spent on a bike, becoming one with the machine. There are two components to this phenomenon, two organisms forming a symbiotic bond and working together in perfect harmony towards an end. The Machine. Immaculate. Every piece of kit in its place, adjusted…

Mejia, a pioneer of helmets in the peloton

Evanescent Riders of the 90s: Álvaro Meji­a

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As Le Tour approaches rapidly, memories of Tours past come to the fore, and riders who may have gone unnoticed for the remainder of the racing season are once again lauded for their performances on the biggest stage there is. We know them as the Evanescent Riders. In 1993, one such rider was the Colombian climber…

It comes out at night

Ill Pro-ghetto: IT lives…

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There's not too much you can buy with $8 these days. A coffee and cake. A tube. Maybe a trashy tabloid magazine (certainly not the likes of Rouleur, Bike or Spoke…) How about a complete bike? For eight bucks? Are you kidding me? It can be done, and yes, I've done it. It helps no…


Announcing New V-Features: Updated Posting Badges

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We’ve been busy working away at some more features that will hopefully continue to strengthen the community here at Velominati. This is just a small release, centered on the community. First, we’ve introduced a new badge for community members who have contributed one or more Guest Articles; they’ll be posting with the same v-emblem that…

The Sheriff-Francesco Moser         Credito: © Ufficio Stampa FotoMedia

Lo Sceriffo

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In May, Velominati wake up too early, brew espresso and open laptop computers to watch small streaming videos of the Giro d’Italia.  We notice how different the Giro is from the Tour de France. It’s more colorful, more vibrant, more full of life. If Hinault somehow represents the TdF, Moser would represent the Giro. Lo…

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