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Hamilton races to victory in Liege-Bastogne-Liege

Riders on a Storm

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Tyler Hamilton’s win in La Doyenne in 2003 was one of the highlights in what was generally a fantastic season. A great Spring campaign, a great Giro, a great Tour, a great Fall; unpredictable races, and closely-fought battles littered the events. But, with the luxury of 20-20 hindsight and a quick cross-reference of results listings to…

Before the Pain

Guest Article: Murray to Moyne, Part II

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Back in March, Marcus teased us with his tale of marathon racing in OZ. While over on the sane side of the planet, 24-hour and other marathon-format races are done in teams with each rider taking turns (RAAM being the exception to this), the crazies on the upside-down end of the world join in large packs and…

Unlocked and loaded.

Reverence: Time iCLIC Pedals

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If you’ve ever sold bikes for a living, (or even just ridden them), you’ll know that the biggest fear of the newbie, or the moderately experienced cyclist is clipping in.  It can strike the Fear of Merckx into the brawniest of men and reduce them to a quivering mess, saying things like “I don’t want…

Been there, done that

Gravé Diggers

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Sometimes we need to be reminded that originality is paramount to leading a good and honest life. It took some home truths from a poster in Frank's Gavia post to jog our memories that old news is, well, just that; old news. We need to come up with some new material man, that shit is going…

Welli Roubaix poster

A Sunday in Well

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It’s on like Donkey Kong!  Welli-Roubaix: Hell of the North (Island) is recon’ed, the seal of approval has been licked and stamped and the gravé awaits.  Oh, yes, it is on! It looks like there may be a touch of dampness around on Sunday, which only adds to the fun (read: no fun).  We’ve added in a…

Chimay Rouge - Biere Premiere

Reverence: Chimay Ale

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What better week is there to pay homage to one of the finest ales the world has ever known?  Each year, Cycling Week in Belgium has me turning toward the top shelf of my regular beer peddler for a bottle of Chimay Red Label to be savoured on either the day of the Ronde Van…

Photo: Bikes To Rwanda

Guest Article: Bikes to Rwanda

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Occasionally, we find ourselves removing our proverbial tongue from cheek and getting a little bit serious. Try as we might, a good cause just can’t always be avoided, and here we have Steampunk returning for his second Guest Article to discuss his latest project. Enjoy the read, and if you feel so inclined, jump over to his…

I wonder if they like it as much as I do?  Yes.

Pro Gravelling- Montepaschi Strade Bianche

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The Strade Bianche.  Now here’s a race who’s name change I can get behind.  Strade Bianche sounds so much cooler than Eroica, no?  Mind you I speak no Italian but I know cool sounding words when I hear them.  I do own the full Rosetta Stone Italian set, however, and plan to learn one day.  The term,…

Phil Rockin the Eye Shades

Anatomy of a Photo: Phil Anderson

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In honor of the first Australian to win KBK it seems appropriate to give a Chapeau to our mates down under.  Congrats to perhaps the greatest up and coming cycling nation on earth and to Chris Sutton for a show of strength in what was a free-for-all to the finish in Kuurne today. Lest our…

Katrien Van Looy

Lexicon Edit: Velominata

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Without a doubt cycling is dominated by males.  Stop for a second and make two lists.  One list including all the male  pro cyclists you can think of off the top of your head, male riding companions of yours, and other male Velominati.  On the other list, jot down all the female pro cyclists you…


On Rule 2: Cycling Sensei

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My buddy Chris wants to buy a road bike.  His primary reason for this is to improve his fitness after splitting his patella in half on a rock while skiing a couple weeks ago.   He believes that riding a bicycle, after his arduous healing process is complete, will be easy on his knees and provide…


Announcing New V-Features: Mentions/Replies and V-Mobile Site

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We’ve been busy at work on some new features for the community. When we announced the last set of features, we got some great feedback which was incorporated into this release. Some of you may have already noticed the features as we rolled them out silently over the course of the last two weeks, but we…

These are made by Swix but there are others

Reverence: Lobster Claw Gloves

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Our Antipodean readers may want to skip this article and come back to it in June as the Austral winter begins.  Anybody reading in the northeastern states may want to get down to their closest bike or ski shop stat.  But regardless of where you are on the globe, if you ride in, let’s say,…

Merckxy Christmas from all of us at Velominati

We Wish You a Merckxy Christmas

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From everyone here at Velominati, we wish you a very Happy Holidays, and temporarily suspend Rule 11 for December 24 and 25.  Cheers, and thanks for being part of our little community. Merckxy Christmas to all, and to all a good ride.

This is more like it

Anatomy of a Photo: Greg LeMan

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Is it the shades? The W.C. Jersey? The Z kit? The d.t. shifters? Talk amongst yourselves. I just had to get a pic up that’s worthy of this site. Thank me now.

Putting the V in Diva

Riders who put the “V” in Diva: Federico Bahamontes

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Cyclists can be a twitchy lot.  Able to both endure and dish out pain for weeks on end in a grand tour takes considerable fortitude, or what we call The V.  The cyclist must know their body and measure out its effort carefully.  The pros we look to as the Giants of the Road, the…


Gelukkig Sinterklaas

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Today is a pretty important day in the Netherlands (and Belgium). It’s the day we pull rank on those who only celebrate Christmas. While the rest of the world awaits December 25th for Santa to deliver a new bike, for the Dutch December 5th is the eve of Sinterklaas, or “Loot Day”, as I like…

We've been Buysse preparing new features

Announcing New V-Features: The Works and The Bikes

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We’ve been busy little bees over here at Velominati.  While you may not have been seeing much “evidence” of actual “activity” on our end, we’ve been hard at work adding a few new features that the community has been asking for: The Works and The Bikes. The Works is a place where we’ll be organizing…

Since I was unable to get my iphone out of my bag fast enough, here is a stock image from

La Vie Northwest: socks, sandals, and snow

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It’s snowing today in Seattle, which a full 78% of the population is not able to deal with, even though it happens every year. I rode in, as always (I commute, therefore I am) and on my way I passed a fellow cyclist in sandals and wool socks.  At least they were spd sandals.  Merckx…

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