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Hinault explores the second of the Fundamental Fives: technical skill.

Convergence of the Two Fives

by frank / Apr 28 2014 / 81 posts

Physics tells us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The conservation law extend beyond the physical world and into mystical where the V and Anti-V are also in a constant fight for balance. The Ancients on Mount Velomis understood this well, and taught that the Anti-V expresses itself within the universe as two principle kinds of weakness and that in response there are two fundamental Fives to counter them.

The first is weakness of the mind; this sort of weakness is expressed through pain as it the weakness is converted into muscular and mental strength through Training Properly and quieting the signals that tell you to stop as you learn to use your mind to drive your body beyond its perceived limits.  This is the First Five, and the most commonly recognized form of The V.

The second weakness requires introspection and discipline: it is recognition of the flaws in our technical skills. To be a complete rider, we must be skilled in all aspects of Cycling, we must find areas where we need to improve our skills and work hard at them until they become a strength. These weaknesses can be difficult to recognize and usually requires a Sensei for guidance. It takes humility, practice, and a willingness to fail time and again until finally we break through and conquer them. The willingness to shed our pride and fail in pursuit of perfection is the Second Five; it is never ending – as we improve in one area, we must find another weakness and work to raise our skill in that area. It is only through total commitment to always recognize our flaws that we will continue to improve to become a better Velominatus.

May 5th approaches, V.V. The Ancients called it Die Congnoscentus, or the Day of the Five. It is the Velominati New Year and a chance for reflection, a chance to celebrate the convergence of the Two Fives. We must always remember that we are all Pedalwans, that we all have much more to learn, and that improvement is a journey with no end. It is a day to renew our resolve to work at our weaknesses until they become strengths.

Go with Merckx fellow Pedalwans; Vive la Vie Velominatus.

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