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Symbol Pack

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Rule #57 is clear: No stickers. The detail-oriented Velominatus, however, will immediately understand the difference between a sticker and a decal. The Velominati symbol pack allows members of the Order to recognize one another from the uninitiated.

Made only of the highest-quality Belgian vinyl, these decals are rated for seven years of outdoor use. The Symbol Pack contains one V-Cog badge, two Velominati Logos, and two Obey the Rules emblems. Add the separate Name Badge to uniquely identify your machine.

Symbol Pack: $12.00 USD


The Velominati Symbol Pack will be shipped direct from the manufacturer. Shipping to domestic and international addresses is included in the price.


Die-cut from high-quality, black or white vinyl

Decal adhesive leaves no residue after removal

Rated for seven years of outdoor use

Note: Carefully clean surface prior to application using alcohol

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