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Rule #57 is clear: No stickers. The detail-oriented Velominatus, however, will immediately understand the difference between a sticker and a decal. The Velominati symbol pack allows members of the Order to recognize one another from the uninitiated.

Made only of the highest-quality Belgian vinyl, these decals are rated for seven years of outdoor use. The Symbol Pack contains one V-Cog badge, two Velominati Logos, and two Obey the Rules emblems. Add the separate Name Badge to uniquely identify your machine.

[productphoto thumbnail=”” photo=”” caption=”Mark the V-Locus using the V-Cog decal”/]

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The Velominati Symbol Pack will be shipped direct from the manufacturer. Shipping to domestic and international addresses is included in the price.


Die-cut from high-quality, black or white vinyl

Decal adhesive leaves no residue after removal

Rated for seven years of outdoor use

Note: Carefully clean surface prior to application using alcohol

Additional Photos:

[productphoto thumbnail=”” photo=”” caption=”Obey the Rules”/]

[productphoto thumbnail=”” photo=”” caption=”Velominati Logo”/]

[productphoto thumbnail=”” photo=”” caption=”Obey The Rules”/]

  1. Got mine today and I must say……They look outstanding on my ride!!

  2. Any chance of a HTFU  for the top tube? That would be most excellent.

  3. I had the Café Roubaix ones arrive earlier this week. Very nice.

    @kilian Just order it as a name tag

  4. @kilian@Chris

    That’s what the V-Cog is there for, n’est pas?

  5. @frank bien sur!

  6. Is there a possibility of ordering just a few V cogs instead of the whole symbol pack? $60 in decals is a bit more than i’d like to spend.

  7. Any photos? Anyone? Please?!

    I’m unclear or just stupid – are they chosen colour on clear background? Thanks.

  8. @Velomifātus

    Any photos? Anyone? Please?!

    I’m unclear or just stupid – are they chosen colour on clear background? Thanks.

    They are decals not stickers.  Stickers have a background, decals are in shape of the wording/lettering, there is no background, there is only the text/symbol.  The photo shows them in their raw state.  They come away from the backing in finished format so there is no

    background on the bike itself when applied.  Hint:  You have a dark frame, go for white it will look good with your pro white bar tape.  You have a white frame or light, go for black….

  9. @Deakus Awesome, thanks for lesson in decals vs. stickers – I had no idea. It is all very clear now especially seeing your photos, thanks. I have a black bike with red details, black bar tape and saddle (sorry), so may opt for the red ones. Order imminent!

  10. Just arrived.

  11. @Weldertron Beautiful, fits perfectly over the frame graphics, thanks for sharing.

  12. @frank

    I’m looking into having the cog enclosed ‘V’ and ‘Obey the Rules’ bead blasted onto my TI frame. Possibly together with ‘Shut up Legs’. Would it be possible to send me the graphics for the first two?

  13. Does anybody know how much international shipping  to Canada would cost for the $12 symbol pack..?

  14. It’s included in the price.

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  16. major improvement. bike is suddenly much faster. Must be the Decals

    had to convert the V-cog to a 11t. Must be faster, right?

  17. @WindDrifter

    major improvement. bike is suddenly much faster. Must be the Decals

    had to convert The V-Cog to a 11t. Must be faster, right?

    Well played – game on

  18. @WindDrifter

    had to convert The V-Cog to a 11t. Must be faster, right?

    Well it can’t be the plethora of Anti-V meters

    At least take them off before photographing your bike. Along with whatever is velcro’d to the top tube (please let it be a light for training/commuting at night)

  19. @Chris plethora? well, there’s only 2. One is the AVSS, that means Anti-V Shield System for you mortals, it protects me from incoming Anti-V protons from the solar system. The other one is the Time Flux Condensator, I though everyone had one of those?

    Velcro is my reinforcement of the flimsy plastic frame. Must be flimsy since it’s from a country where they eat frogs and snails and stuff.

  20. @WindDrifter Nice try but not quite. Everyone knows the AVSS comprises of a V-Gilet,  fantastic looking but cycling specific eyewear and freshly shaved guns.

    What more could be required?

  21. @Chris You’re right. Of course.

    I think I managed to fix it now.

    and don’t complain about the rubber band, that holds the stem together

  22. does fresh garlic go bad

  23. I must have these……

  24. Could someone tell me the diameter of the V-Cog badge?


  25. @mhoogiemstra The ‘large’ V-cog badge is 38mm in diameter. Or at least, mine is.

    Just got my pack today.

    I decided I wanted to go ‘understated’ on the new Synapse, so rather than the full V-cog decal, I cut the small one from the Velominati logo and applied it to the stem…

    And I figured a little Jensie-style reminder on the top tube wouldn’t hurt…

    Anyone got any tips for making sure the decals stay perfect in any weather? Is covering them with something considered appropriate?

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