V-Cards (5-Pack)

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The V-Cards are postcards which feature photos taken by the Keepers which represent La Vie Velominatus. Each of the five post cards are shown below, along with the caption which is found on the reverse of the card. The cards ship as a set of five, and come in a recycled-paper envelope adorned with a v-cog wax seal.

[productphoto thumbnail=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-all-thumb.jpg” photo=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-all.jpg” caption=”Mark the V-Locus using the V-Cog decal”/]

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Shipping is included in the price.


Pack includes 5 high-resolution, full color prints

Cards are made of thick, high quality paper

Photography: Frank D. Strack

Additional Photos:

[productphoto thumbnail=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-01-thumb.png” photo=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-01.png” caption=”Don't ride tripples, drink tripels.”/]

[productphoto thumbnail=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-02-thumb.png” photo=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-02.png” caption=”A sculpture by French artist Jean-Bernard Metais entitled, "Le Tour de France dans les Pyrenees" pays tribute to the Tour de France and its rich history in these mountains.”/]

[productphoto thumbnail=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-03-thumb.png” photo=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-03.png” caption=”A sculpture by French artist Jean-Bernard Metais adorns the baren sumit of the fearsome Col du Tourmalet.”/]

[productphoto thumbnail=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-04-thumb.png” photo=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-04.png” caption=”This narrow ribon of asphalt that makes up the road to Luz Ardiden looks as theough it was carelessly cast onto the mountainside by an disinterested deity.”/]

[productphoto thumbnail=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-05-thumb.png” photo=”http://velominati.com/wp-resources/products/v-cards/v-cards-05.png” caption=”The V-Kit is worn high on Hurricane Ridge outside Port Angeles, Washingon in the cold rains of an early Spring storm.”/]

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