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The Post-Ride Recovery Drink has never tasted better than it does when enjoyed from the V-Pint. Look deep into your heart and contemplate the awesome symmetry as the V-Cog reveals itself to you at the bottom of the glass; then pour another. Earnest seeker: Drink and ye shall find.

Remember: be a good cycling ambassador and always represent La Vie Velominatus by drinking responsibly from the V-Pint.

V-Pint: $24.00 USD

This product currently out of stock. We are sorry for the inconvenience; we hope to have inventory available in late September or October.

Shipping is $8.00 USD to US Domestic addresses; $16.00 USD international. Shipping will be combined with other V-Gear.


Heavy, high-quality glass


Velominati Logo on front

Obey the Rules on back

V-Cog on bottom

WARNING: The V-Pint may react unpredictably to watery piss beer and may cleave in two should such a fluid be poured into this vessel. It will reveal the V-Cog most readily when filled with a fine Belgian Ale.

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