Winter V-Gilet

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La Vie Velominatus speaks through you when clad in the Winter V-Gilet, custom-made by Kallisto. This is the ultimate cycling jersey; the cut is extremely anatomic for on-the-bike comfort. This is amazing, top-qualitiy stuff. Look deep into your soul and then deep into the sizing chart; this is race fit gear; no vanity sizing here.

According to ancient Velominati traditions, when first donning the V-Kit, the disciple is to visualize the Cannibal, resplendent in a vintage Molteni Arcore winter trainer and make the Secret Sign of the Merckx.

Remember: be a good cycling ambassador and always represent La Vie Velominatus when wearing the V-Kit.

Pronounce It Correctly: Winter (V-int ‘er), Gilet (zh-E ‘lay)

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Shipping is $5.00 USD to US Domestic addresses; $12.00 USD international. Shipping will be combined when ordering full kits. Please read the terms before ordering.


Lightweight breathable wind and rain protection

Three rear pockets

Packable construction

If this is intended as a gift, beautifully crafted and personalized gift letters are available for wrapping if the ordering timetables do not coincide with the occasion for which the gift is intended.

Additional Photos:

[productphoto thumbnail=”” photo=”” caption=”Witte Kit (with OTR Arm Warmers and V-Gilet) on the Roubaix Velodrome, France”/]

[productphoto thumbnail=”” photo=”” caption=”Witte V-Bibs, Zwarte V-Jersey, and V-Gilet on the Kapelmuur in Flanders, Belgium”/]


  1. I’m sure it’s been talked about, but there’s a metric assload of posts to sift through.  Is everyone sizing up on the gilet vs teh jersey?

  2. @roger I went XL on both. Just hoping the sizing chart is consistent & accurate.

  3. @roger

    I’m sure it’s been talked about, but there’s a metric assload of posts to sift through.  Is everyone sizing up on the gilet vs teh jersey?

    Go with the same sizing, mate – the gilet is cut to go over the jersey perfectly. All the sizing across all units should be consistent; this isn’t Castelli’s first rodeo, and they figured all this stuff out for us.


  4. thanks, ordered.

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