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VVorkshop Apron

VVorkshop Apron

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If the road is the cathedral where we go to worship at the altar of The Man with the Hammer, then the workshop must surely be the rectory. The workshop of the Velominatus is a semi-sacred space where one goes primarily to sharpen one’s tool of worship. In so doing, the workshop also provides a space in which to meditate on the machine, make repairs from rides gone by, and prepare for rides to come. The workshop may not be the space where we engage in our most revelatory work, still the work we do there both before and after each ride is no less important than the work we do in between.

Remember: be a good cycling ambassador and always represent La Vie Velominatus when wearing the V-Gear.

VVorkshop Apron: $28.00 USD

This product currently out of stock. We are sorry for the inconvenience; we hope to have inventory available in late September or October.

Shipping is $5.00 USD to US Domestic addresses; $12.00 USD international. Shipping will be combined with other V-Gear.


Heavy cotton construction

High-quality, laser-cut vinyl screen

Two front pockets

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