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La Vie Velominatus speaks through you when clad in the Zwarte V-Bibs, custom-made by Kallisto. This is the ultimate cycling jersey; the cut is extremely anatomic for on-the-bike comfort. This is amazing, top-qualitiy stuff. Look deep into your soul and then deep into the sizing chart; this is race fit gear; no vanity sizing here.

According to ancient Velominati traditions, when first donning the V-Kit, the disciple is to visualize the Cannibal, resplendent in a vintage Molteni Arcore winter trainer and make the Secret Sign of the Merckx.

Remember: be a good cycling ambassador and always represent La Vie Velominatus when wearing the V-Kit.

Pronounce It Correctly: Zwarte (Z-wärt ‘uh)

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Shipping is $5.00 USD to US Domestic addresses; $12.00 USD international. Shipping will be combined when ordering full kits. Please read the terms before ordering.


Dark design with orange accents and white panels. (The Zwarte V-Bibs are named for the Zwarte V-Jersey they are designed to be paired with.)

Actionâ„¢ micro fabric in the saddle contact area provides durability

Flat-seam construction throughout short; No inner-leg seam

Giro++ single-layer engineered gripper

If this is intended as a gift, beautifully crafted and personalized gift letters are available for wrapping.

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  1. @mcsqueak

    I’m waist size 34, would it be prudent to order the XL bibs to ensure they fit for sure, or should I risk ordering size L and have them maybe be a tad too tight?
    I’ve never owned any of this fancy-pants eye-taliano stuff before. I’m a L in Garneau bibs, but I don’t know if those have a similar “race fit” sizing the the Castelli stuff. Cyclops, you own both brands, have any input on that?

    I am right at a 32 inch waist and the large V kit bibs are perfect for me. The mediums are way too small. I think that the XL would be much too large. It is a tough call but I would go with Fronk’s advice and get the large.

  2. @Chris @frank @Buck Rogers

    Thanks for the food for thought, gents.

    I certainly don’t need any chaffing, and I’d rather not have to utilize Frank’s pre-delivery bib stretching service either. A local shop does have these and this in stock, so I should probably try those on and see how they fit – if they are the pro gear they are probably similar in fit to the V-Kit stuff.

    I want the fit nice and tight in that perfect sort of way, rather than so tight that my legs look like sausages busting out at leg hole opening. I don’t like lose or improper fitting kit on the other end of the spectrum, either.

    Either way, I’ll figure it out and get my order in soon! Super excited to finally be in on this order and get the kit in time for spring.

  3. @mcsqueak
    The Body Paint is a good one, but the Endurance is a club fit, so forget it – it would only help muddy the waters. I’ve not tried the body paint bib, but that is what many of the Garmin guys rode this year. I’m sure its the same fit. Good luck!

  4. @mcsqueak
    Just to muddy the waters, I’m a 32 waist and the L bibs last year were too tight…Frank exchanged for an XL (cheers, mate!)

    This shipment’s XL Witte bibs were a tad looser, but still great. L jersey either way.

  5. God, trying to determine the right size for buying Castelli bibs is as least as difficult as the sizing for womens clothing. Not that I’d know anything about that.

    I’ll try the body paint ones and hope for the best!

  6. @mcsqueak
    Are you trying to buy V-Kit, or some other Castelli kit? You could probably order a pair from an online retailer, with no intent of keeping them, to check the sizing.

  7. @Nate

    Ah just trying to figure out the best size for the V-Kit so I don’t have to burden Frank with an exchange. Clearly based on the number of posts is quite a hard concept for me to grasp…

  8. @mcsqueak

    I don’t like lose or improper fitting kit on the other end of the spectrum, either.

    You’re just fucking with me now, aren’t ya?

  9. My sacred garments have finally arrived – not through delay from Chateau Velominati but because they went to London and had to come out with my wife and family.

    They are indeed lovely – though the scent appears to have worn off.

    Sizewise, I got XL in both jersey and bibs. I’m 6’3″ and 34-35″ waist, 40-42″ chest, about 84kg.

    The XL jersey is a perfect racing fit.
    The XL bibs are also OK but I could have gone XXL without any regret I think if ordering again I probably would.

  10. @mouse

    Yes, loose, sorry mate. Hope I didn’t keep you up all night with worry…

  11. All this talk of sizing is doing my head in. I’m spending far too long pondering over which size to order.

    Hell it’s important though. My first order of sacred garments has got to be right!!!

  12. I went and tried on the Castelli body paint bibs yesterday. I had a hard time getting the straps from the size L shorts over my shoulders! I think XL will be my size, and if for some reason they aren’t perfect I’ll just deal with that then rather than pondering over a simple purchase for so longer. Fit in the legs and thighs seemed good.

    Cannot wait until the end of Feb to get the goods!

  13. *ahem*

    “rather than pondering over a simple purchase for so long”

  14. @mcsqueak
    isnt Castelli USA based out of portland?

  15. @ChrisO
    I’m about your size and I go xl jersey and xxl bibs and it is perfect. And the Castelli all feels better when crouched over on the bike.

    I found a pair of body paint bibs on sale and they are so nice, the best riding bibs I can remember.

  16. @RedRanger

    Yes sir, they are. And Rapha’s USA headquarters as well. And Chris King Precision Components. And a whole bunch of custom bike fabricators who make rides I can’t afford.


    I didn’t like the thin straps, I was afraid I was going to break them trying to get them over my shoulder. I imagine riding in them feels as close to wearing nothing as you can get without violating good taste and public exposure laws, though.

  17. @mcsqueak
    Im jealous. We dont even have a Castelli dealer down here. I had to go to a shop when I was in Phoenix to try the kit on.

    I cant wait to be able to move. PNW is on my short list.

  18. @RedRanger

    You can’t swing a dead cat’s pajamas around here without hitting a bike shop of some sort. I almost feel like the market is becoming over-saturated and is setting up for a shake down, but we’ll see if it continues to grow.

    I think you’d love it up here, but I’m a bit biased. If you ever want to give PDX a test drive let me know and you’d be welcome to crash at Casa mcsqueak.

  19. So I’m like 6’1″ and hovering between 32″-34″ pant sizes, so a large at the least? This isn’t for the sacred garments sadly. Castelli’s sizing chart seems useless.

  20. Hey @frank, are these club fit or race fit? I’m considering springing for a kit before the 8/1 deadline…

  21. These photos show riders using the small chaining. Rule #90.

  22. So when the sizing chart says “body measurement” for the hips, it means get them if your badonkadonk is that measurement, or that that is the measurement of the shorts?  I’m guessing the former, but bibs that are too big are the worst so I would like to avoid going that way if the latter is true.

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