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We can not spend every hour of every day riding our machines, but that does’t mean we’re not still living La Vie Velominatus. For those brief moments of the day when you’re not riding your bike, display your status as a Velominatus by sporting the Zwarte Logo V-Shirt.  Made of comfortable and lightweight 4.9 ounce cotton, our t-shirts are hand-screened with the utmost of care and feature a classic, high-quality screen.  The left arm bears the Obey the Rules emblem to remind everyone that you’re paying attention and you won’t tolerate any whining.

Remember: be a good cycling ambassador and always represent La Vie Velominatus when wearing the V-Gear.

Pronounce It Correctly: Zwarte (Z-wärt ‘uh)

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Shipping is $5.00 USD to US Domestic addresses; $12.00 USD international. Shipping will be combined with other V-Gear.


4.9 ounce cotton Gildan eco-friendly t-shirt

High-quality, 3-layer screen

Hand-screened by Perch Graphics in Seattle

Check the size chart for sizing information

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  1. V-shirt? I was thinking Velomina-T.

  2. @snoov

    V-shirt? I was thinking Velomina-T.

    I like it!

  3. Dear Sirs,I saw your new stuff named “Velominati “º Zwarte V-Shirt” regularly. Your writing style is bravo, keep it up! And you can see my website about 偷拍.

  4. Don’t these twits realise that a) there is bugger all point in planing a Chinese (assuming that is what it is) link on an English website and b) planting annoying blogs is less likely to make anyone follow them anyway c) if you can’t understand the text we are more likely to assume it is some sort of malware link.

    In the unlikely even that the responsible people actually read our site PISS OFF WE ARE NOT INTERESTED.

  5. @Teocalli – he/she/it got one thing right – your writing style is Bravo!!

  6. Shouldn’t these be Rule #24 compliant and measured in micro km?

    What’s the availability of size L, and how much to Australia?

  7. @HMBSteve

    @Teocalli – he/she/it got one thing right – your writing style is Bravo!!

    I was having a bad day with a customer that day.  Did is show?

  8. @Rom

    Shouldn’t these be Rule #24 compliant and measured in micro km?

    So that would be 1000m / 10000m = 0.1m = 1 centimeter?  Just not sure about the whole microkilo thing.

  9. Had one of these great looking T’s on order for Xmas and still not here. Obey the rules.

    Rule #1 know the rules

  10. Can’t get a reply for an order placed money taken since March 2014 but no reply as to where my T-Shirt might be (June24th).  How does one get hold of these clowns?

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