Announcing New V-Features: Mentions/Replies and V-Mobile Site

Announcing New V-Features: Mentions/Replies and V-Mobile Site

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We’ve been busy at work on some new features for the community. When we announced the last set of features, we got some great feedback which was incorporated into this release. Some of you may have already noticed the features as we rolled them out silently over the course of the last two weeks, but we felt it prudent to announce them officially, now that they appear to be reasonably stable.

Several members have expressed the desire to be able to be able to subscribe to a service which notifies them of responses to their posts. Because Velominati is a community where everyone’s voice contributes to the conversation, we ultimately decided that having a system that notified readers (either via email or rss feed) in this way would encourage myopic behavior focused on responses only to specific posts rather than the whole conversation.  This would ultimately fragment the conversation and diminish the sense of community here.

However, the point is well taken that it can become quite difficult to identify responses to a particular post – a member’s own post or anyone else’s, for that matter. In an effort to improve visibility, we added two views which will hopefully help readers follow specific threads: @Mentions and @Replies.


The @Mentions view is accessible by clicking the @Mentions link displayed on each post.  This will open a view which shows all posts for the article that mention the posts’s author’s name.

The @Mentions link

The @Mentions view


The @Replies view is accessible by clicking the @Replies link displayed on each post.  This will open a view similar to the @Mentions view, except this view only shows those posts which used the Reply or Quote link to respond to it.

The @Replies link

The @Replies view

V-Mobile Site:

Marko has been the most vocal about the need for a Mobile version of Velominati, as he regularly accesses it from him iPhone. He graciously stepped up as the leader for this effort and provided all the requirements and did the bulk of the testing for it. Turns out he was totally right; after doing the math, this was revealed:

mobile-specific site = way more awesome than regular sites

The Mobile site has essentially all the same content with all the same radness on the regular site (Rule and Lexicon quickviews, photo and YouTube viewers), but provided in a streamlined (and faster loading) view when loaded from a mobile phone (you have the option at the bottom of every page to switch to the regular version if you prefer that.)  All the features normally visible in the layout are available via the menu at the top of the page. Please let us know if you spot anything a muck with the site, or if anything your rely on is missing.

The V-Mobile site: (l-r) Home, Main Menu, Posts, Categories

The major outstanding feature requested by the community remains the direct message capability, and once we work out some privacy and philosophical issues around that concept, we’ll release something to support that as well.

As usual, your feedback is welcomed as we’d appreciate any input you have.  If you spot any problems or if a feature doesn’t work as you expect it to, just drop us a note and we’ll see what we can do to correct it, or explain to you why it’s your fault and precisely why you’re an idiot.


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  1. @frank
    I am gonna catch shit for this but..where the hell is the link for the mobile site???

  2. @Scott
    If you use a supported mobile device, it should just load automatically. If it doesn’t let me know what device you use and I’ll see what I can do to get it working for you.

  3. Allow the Canadian to cue Frank’s favorite sultry Canadian songstress, but does anyone else see the irony of all these upgrades to a site that champions a long bygone and magical past about a machine (and the people who ride them) whose simplicity is its beauty? All this makes me yearn all the harder for wool shorts (I’ve never worn) and more pain on the next ride (watching the snow tumble down).

    Thus spoke der Steampunk…

  4. @Steampunk
    To your point, I tried my best to find a stone tablet that I could just mail to everyone, but the format didn’t work out and I was getting killed on shipping charges. So we switched to digital. As long as we’re using Electronic shifting on this site, it might was well be crisp shifting, yeah? But yes, I prescribe an extra dose of Rule #5 to anyone spending too much time here and not riding their bikes!

    BTW, are you a professional curmudgeon, or do you just play one on the interweb nerd box?

  5. frank:
    If you use a supported mobile device, it should just load automatically. If it doesn’t let me know what device you use and I’ll see what I can do to get it working for you.

    Duh, I’m an idiot..working perfectly on the ole blackberry…thanks!

  6. @Marko
    Oh yeah, there was plenty of brew flowing and was too much food eatin’. I need to lose about 15 in the next two months.

  7. Blackberry? Can you still buy those?

    Did you see the released Angry Birds for Blackberry finally?

  8. frank:
    BTW, are you a professional curmudgeon, or do you just play one on the interweb nerd box?

    Canadians are typically so nice, to a fault. Steampunk must be the exception that proves the rule.

    (Marko ducks and runs)

  9. @michael

    Loving that!

  10. @Marko
    I think @Steampunk is the fault.

    (Frank trips Marko and runs off, applying the “Bear” Principle)

  11. great job, all you fella’s that make it happen
    kudo’s and great work!

  12. @frank
    The videos work well now – thanks. I still dont see the Rule and Lexicon quickview overlays. I wonder if there is a browser setting on my phone that’s not right.

    Good stuff.

  13. @frank
    Shipping charges?? Harden the fuck up, strap those bad boys on your back, and start pedaling. No wonder you live in an empire in decay. The same thing happened to the Romans, y’know.

    I’m not a professional curmudgeon; that would mean I was getting paid. I’m also not simply a curmudgeon, but I play one in real life.

  14. mobile site is awesome! i still dont get the other update, but i dont talk much anyhow

  15. Thank Merckx! The mobile site works great on my iPhone and is now on my homepage. This makes it so much easier to prove to someone that they have broken a rule!

  16. hand clap.

  17. How cool is this? Sat watching highlights of the cricket (again!) and posting on the new mobile site. Great work guys – thanks very much!

  18. Is there anyway of turning it manually from the normal site to mobile site? My iPhone first showed the mobile site and the slider to turn it off but now shows normal/old/unexciting version on my iPhone! Any ideas guys?

  19. @Dexter
    I had this as well (using a Palm Pre) and the only way I found of going back to the mobile site was to enter This took me back to the mobile site, and I’ve not touched the slider again!

    It would be useful if there as a mobile link at the bottom of the normal page with the other links, but it’s a minor thing.

  20. @Unica
    Cheers Unica. I’ll give it a go

  21. Well late here, but Super prestige live updating capabilities… Has that been mentioned? It’d be a kickarse addition, rather than waiting for one of the Keepers to slog through everyone’s obscurely titled answers (often posted in two or three different threads), and then awaiting corrections… And then needing to find the post of the latest score update…

    Just a thought.

    And if Cam Meyer holds onto the leader’s jersey tomorrow, will he be the number one ranked rider in the world? Or do scores carry over from post Worlds scores?

  22. Hey I just subscribed to the site and this is my first post! I was hoping that The Velominati develop a podcast. I think it would be really cool then I can listen when I’m doing an 80km in Penticton BC. I think it would catch on big time!

  23. I’m gone to tell my little brother, that he should also visit this web site on regular
    basis to obtain updated from newest news update.

  24. Great work, thanks for all the effort you chaps put into this place. Chapeau.

  25. @michael that made me cackle out loud, superb!

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