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Canon of Cycling’s Etiquette: The Rules

Canon of Cycling’s Etiquette: The Rules

by frank / Jan 5 2010 / 43 posts

In the roughly six months since launching the Velominati, we have gradually moved from covering races, rumors, and doping to pouring over the very essence of what makes ours such a special sport – its history, culture, legends, traditions, races, and its physical and cultural challenges – and how those threads fit into cycling’s colorful fabric.  It binds us and penetrates us, much like the Force, but for bike weenies.

This is what has, over time, become the Velominati’s raison d’être.  Brett gave it a name in September when he wrote about the dilemma of handlebar/saddle color selection in a post entitled with the phrase that would become the most important term in the Velominati lexicon.  Since then, we have been informally maintaining the canon of cycling’s sacred text: The Rules.

This document has finally reached a stage where it presents a foundation upon which to build and we, the Keepers, have decided the time has come to make it public.  This is a living document and will grow and evolve as our sport does.  Read it often.  Consult it often.  Consume it.  Worship it.  We are the Velominati, the Keepers of the Cog, and it is within our trust that we keep this sacred text.  And also to be awesome.

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