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Lakeview Community Park

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6300 Mendota Ave

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Ok, ok so this isn’t a grand Cogal on the scale of those past and future but give us a break: it’s on a workday, in March, and in Wisconsin; all of us are finagling work schedules to get to do this. We could have conditions to rival Liege-Bastogne-Liege in 1980, or a delightful spring day. Only those who show up will know for sure.

What we do know is that it will be a sweet 80kms leaving from Lakeview Community Park in Middleton (just outside the People’s Republic of Madison) and will take the lucky participants through Wisconsin wine country. However, being March and the grapes on the vine being far from ready, participants will have to make do with beer after the ride as mandated by unwritten Cogal rules. Needless to say, just because this is a mini Cogal, it does not follow that half pints will be consumed afterwards.

The scenic route takes us northwest through the village of Dane, past the Wollersheim Winery and the shorelines of Crystal and Fish Lakes before heading back to Middleton. Vetted by experienced locals, the ride is described as “moderately hilly”, but that description was for a more general, non-V-channeling audience. Whatever. Those who do show, and we have four signed up already: Wiscot, Kyle, Steampunk, and Keeper Emeritus Josh will enjoy a hearty ride that will get the season off to a great start as well as bringing together some far-flung Velominati who might never meet under normal circumstances. Join us!

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