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    Sometimes it rains, sometimes you watch the sun creep into view. There is nothing like a foggy morning in a marine environment on a cool clear morning when the sun rises over the mountains. Unreal.

    Started in the pure darkness, and was greeted by this sight just as I was about to cross the lake. No skanky kit to slip into this…

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  • Love this.  I have a 25 mile commute in, in the mornings, and 12 on the route home.  I have exactly the same feelings – eyes alert, the gentle whoosh of wind around the backpack, the quiet roads.  Solitude at 20 miles an hour is way underrated

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    I’m calling it now… Haussler to win a Classic this Spring. Let’s say Gent-Wevelgem.

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking that this whole winter as well.  The guy is due.  And he’s on form this year


    Ewan as a classics rider. Really? Is there any way a guy that small can put up with the punishment of those races? Seems like the bi…

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