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    Musta been a local sheep show.

    (C’mon, you know you all wanted to say it)

    That bloke in the corner is Brett’s paaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

  • @Dima

    > Simple physics: less surface area meant less friction

    Actually simple physics never said that. Simple physics says the friction is a constant coefficient (depending on the material, etc) times the force of adhesion (in our case, essentially the weight of rider+bike).

    The less contact area you have, the more weight each sq cm…

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    Probably.  I’ve put new bars on since then, and probably still have the cams open.  MIght take another pic later for comparison purposes.  The brakes still seem to work, so I never remember to close them after wheel changes.

    As for your brifter position, it seems to work for you, though I agree with Tommy that GSOH seems to su…[Read more]

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    I can vouch for the Shamal wheels. I have been running a set for about 3 years now, and have put many miles on some very rough roads and gnarly descents on them. They are as true as the day I unpacked them, with zero maintenance. Not cheap,but worth every cent and then some.

  • Compression shorts save the nads from chafing on hot days when running or working out too.  NIce and comfy.  Wonderful thing, progress.

  • @Ron

    Ah yes, sell them all that crap, and then sell them workshops on “Running Naked” where they go to learn how to do without all the rubbish.  It’s a wonderful formula.

    I do love my Skins for recovery and my calves like them when I’m running up hills, but then, you all know I’m a cunt.

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    Not sure if serious, but here goes.

    The Dangle, in my experience, is a reflexive panic move in a moment of balancian crisis.  Last time I found myself dangling, twas because I had been momentarily tram-tracked while crossing a filter lane on a highway, dewy morning, white road paint.   A wee groove caught my tubular then spat me out again h…[Read more]

  • I’m a big fan of clean living.  I was sometimes known as Ken Clean AIr Systems in my yoof, being one of the few who did not smoke.  Booze has never really agreed with me.

    I’ll add plenty of laughter and plenty of shagging to the clean living recipe too.

    My immediate goal is to lose the excessively hot summer lard, and then to get ready for M…[Read more]