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    @Phillip Mercer

    “Recently in one of my cycling mags is touched on lights and it had three suggestions I found completely wrong for a commuter. 1 Bright as you can get (for those dark back streets) 2 helmet mount so there is light wherever you look”

    I’ve found recently on a very dark cycle track when I go around a corner/curve I cant see $hit…[Read more]

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    I almost crashed into a cyclist coming the other way last night. I came around a corner on a cycleway next to the motorway. There was a cyclist coming the other way but initially I thought it was a car headlight (as I’m riding against the car traffic) and then I realised at the last minute it was a cycle. A flashing light would have been better in…[Read more]

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    Awesome collection.

    Was that Motorola Merckx an ex Stephen Swart bike, or earlier? I remember seeing a few times in the Royal Oak sunday bunch in Auckland in the early 90s. I didn’t recognise him at first, but you could tell from his legs that he was a very good rider (then I noticed the bike and the team kit)!

  • I’ve been using Gatorskins for a few months and I can’t say I’m impressed. I got them as commuting tires (after reading reviews) but I’ve still had quite a few punctures and they feel slow. I have had the same amount of punctures as I did with my older worn tires. When I switched back to some old Conti Grand Prix’s the speed difference was huge…[Read more]

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    I just clicked the link! An interesting article on peoples perceptions.

    BTW my bike has a 130mm stem and it seemed to long, especially when I compare it to modern bikes, which seem to have quite short stems (and perhaps that makes them feel more lively). However I got my bike back after a service and the mechanic adjusted the angle of the…[Read more]

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    “But a long grind into the wind on a dead-straight false flat might be the most mentally agonizing kind of riding you will ever do.”

    Funny, I enjoy this sort of riding and riding in headwinds. It reminds me of Rule 10 and the satisfaction afterwards is great. I think headwinds are similar to hills, which you learn to enjoy as a cyc…[Read more]

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    Wow lovely bike and you can’t beat steel for the ride (actually the only thing I’ve ridden!). I’ve been looking at a set of Shamals but I can quite justify it at the moment.

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    @gianni. I learned about judging  others in my first ( and only to date) TT. I was 19, fit lean and had muscles in my piss. I signed on in front of a guy the wrong side of 50 with a jersey on that looked like he did his ironing on an upturned wok. It was a serious beer belly. I smiled inside, safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t come in…

    [Read more]

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    Wow awesome pictures! I’ve never seen a frame being made so that is very interesting. The fit on those tubes around the bottom bracket is very impressive

  • Its great to see the site back and running much faster.  I’ve been commuting to work 3-4 days a week (its summer downunder) and I found a new cycleway along the coast to avoid the traffic, so my motivation is high.

  • There’s some nice looking bikes in this thread and it makes me think that my 1 Road and 1 MTB bike are not enough, but my wallet says otherwise :-) But I think I can squeeze in a Single speed purchase this year!

    Somehow I have always survived with 1 bike and I even took my racing bike on a camping trip around the Coromandel peninsular here in…[Read more]

  • @cognition

    I’ve been wondering about the amount of time that I waste online.  Not reading or researching, but straight-up wasting.  Any number of nights I’ve stayed up too late and then thought to myself that I should have spent another hour on the trainer instead, and tried to go to sleep earlier.

    This is one of the reasons I hav…[Read more]

  • I started commuting again last year as a way to get fit and some k’s in the legs. I had fond memories of commuting as a student in all weather and after some hard morning training rides.

    When I was a student I didn’t have a car or much money so I rode in all weather conditions but now I have become a bit softer. Backpack space was limited t…[Read more]

  • @Teocalli

    @Mikael Liddy


    can just tell there’s something beautiful there…then we come to the bar tape!

    Also a fine point on aligning the logo on the tyre with the valve – but as that should be from the drive side we’ll assume that they do align on the other side……………which should give you time to fix them for a proper…

    [Read more]

  • I’m still riding the same steel bike (Merckx Strada with Chorus groupset) I brought in 97. It was my first decent bike after being a poor student and in typical cyclists fashion, it was worth more than my car. I couldn’t quite afford a MX Leader or a Colnago Master Olympic. Its pretty heavy compared to the modern carbon bikes but is still a sweet…[Read more]

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