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The Team Car

The Team Car

by jim / Jul 1 2012 / 32 posts

With the Tour underway there are many things to envy. One that always gets me is the team cars. This, to me, is the ultimate luxury (coupled with the relentless suffering, but hey, these guys are paid for this). No need to stuff your jersey with eight kilos of food and spares. A new wheel is at the ready – a whole new bike, should it come to that. Bidons are chilled and waiting. Tools are full-sized and plentiful, not folded little compromises. And if the V-tank goes to empty, there is always the back seat of that four-wheeled decal darling.

As of today, my envy can be put to rest. Today, AAA (yes, the Automobile Association of America) will extend roadside assistance to members in the state of Washington. Now, I have a team car… and it has hydraulics. And 700 ft-lbs of torque. And a reasonable chance of some canned beer stashed behind the front seat. Now I just hope AAA comes up with a sharp looking kit.

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