2nd Annual Ontario Cogal-2013

  1. The first few strokes of the Ontario Cogal will go a little something like this:


  2. ahhh, i remember bombing down that hill to that very café. bugger it was on the cx bike. so much happening in may, this would have been a great one to attend.

  3. It will be excellent to once again suffer up and rocket down Sydenham in the Spring.

    I can’t wait.

  4. This is one week out tomorrow. I will start training for it on Monday. Anyone coming from out of town in need of directions? Route to be posted shortly.

  5. First draft of the route:


    We kept the first ascent of Sydenham and circled back to take in Rattlesnake, but the route is drastically different from last year’s edition. And, of course, we’ll descend Sydenham to close out the ride (weather permitting). The goal is to be back at Café Domestique in good enough time for afternoon post-ride carb-loading.

  6. @Steampunk Tim and I are going to try and make it. May head to Collingwood to ride that weekend but if not we’ll likely be there. Might meet you en route though – we’ll be coming from around Campbellville Road and Milborough Townline. I presume you’ll kind of make your way in that direction?

  7. @Mel

    If you look at the map, we’ll do two passes through Progreston: one on the way towards Rattlesnake Point, and the second on the return towards Dundas. Two passes in the general vicinity of Campbellville, too. Hope you guys can make it.

  8. @Steampunk Ah…guess I could have checked out the map eh? Will look and figure something out. First however you need to deem me a friend on mapmyride so I have access to all your secret routes.

  9. The departure time listed above””8:35″”sounds a bit early, especially for those driving down from Toronto. Let’s shoot for a 9:0V departure from Café Domestique. Post-ride, we can toast the end of the Giro with pink, raspberry ale.

  10. Just rode the first half of our cogal route. The lilac is in full bloom (everywhere). Should be a lovely ride.

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  12. How ready am I for tomorrow’s cogal? Well, you could say I’m “well rested.”

  13. @Steampunk

    Have a good ride tomorrow Steampunk and al. Looks like a nice day ahead.

  14. @xyxax

    Thanks! Looks like it will be a beautiful day for a ride. Wish you were joining us.

  15. @duncan and I plan to come down. Had a stack of pancakes tonight so I’m ready.

  16. Some days your body is just calling you off. Lungs full of crap and coughing with any exertion (so it’s a good thing we had a number of longer/steeper climbs). Just about died going up Rattlesnake. Sadly, we managed to drop two people before the ride had even begun. But great to meet @freddy and @duncan, and ride with three young guys who set a ferocious pace. Raspberry ale at Café Domestique post-ride. Seemed a fitting way to see off the Giro. Here’s the abbreviated route:


  17. @Steampunk Thanks for the posting the route for our modified mini-Cogal today. It was a great ride. We’ll be heading down those awesome roads again soon. And, as I mentioned while enjoying recovery ales on the back deck of the cafe, you looked fantastic in the full Café Domestique kit.

  18. Big thanks to will for pulling my ass out of the missed-the-bus fire. Turns out my penance for missing both bus and train was to pedal out a hundred kilometres worth of ‘I think we’re going to catch up to them’ all the while trying to intercept a phantom @Steampunk and co.

    I would do that again, but could most likely do with without missing the bus.

    Some highlights:

    – Wheezing up to Rattlesnake from both the North and South ends.
    – Flirting with a full blown cramp of both quads on the way back.
    – Descending Snake road prior to climbing back up and hitting coming down Sydenham. One of the best parts of the route.

  19. Why the shortened route this year?

  20. No Americans to impress.

  21. @Steampunk Ha! Good one. Impress you did.

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