Bristol Cogal and Bespoke Bristol Weekender

Bristol Cogal and Bespoke Bristol Weekender

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@Unica has thrown down the sodden sock; a cogal and a bike show all in the greater Bristol, Bath environs. Rest assured the malted beverage recovery beverage will be excellent. The Bristol area has the “Gianni, pissed as a rat” seal of approval. A day of riding followed by a bike show in Bristol, a weekender, a brilliant plan here, ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars. 

VLVV, Gianni

The ride itself will be on Saturday 13th April and will take in Bath, the Mendips and Somerset Levels before heading back to Bristol. After suitable malted beverage recovery consumption on Saturday evening, it will be off to the Bespoke Bristol bike show ( on Sunday 14th April – I’ll try and line somewhere up for breakfast on the Sunday if there’s enough interest.

I’m still working on the exact route, but it’ll be around the 160Km mark and Casually Deliberate.

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Date - April 13, 2013 - April 14, 2013
9:35 AM - 3:30 PM

Strada Cycles

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// Casually Deliberate (No Drop) // Cogal

  1. Well no going back now. I’ve just booked in at the Ibis Bristol Temple Meads Quay for the Saturday night. This seems close enough to just about everything required for the weekend.

    Bring it on!

  2. All

    Apologies for the lack of updates – small matter of work getting in the way of everything else…

    I’ve finally got round to producing a list of hotels, but the Ibis Bristol Temple Meads Quay that @936adl has booked is certainly the closest to Bespoke Bristol.

    The route is coming on and I hope to have the first draft in the next week or so.

    Feel free to post or mail me questions – I won’t be as slack hopefully!

  3. Let the Spring training commence!

    Thats me booked into the Ibis temple meads as well

    there had better be a secret room on the Vth floor that the velominatus can meditate on the V before the act of post Cogal malted recovery beverage consumption gets underway


  4. Long time reader, first time poster here! Pending time off work, I will most certainly attend this.
    What better way to spend a weekend than a hefty dose of rule V and most likely (it is England afterall) some Rule #9 too; all followed by beer an beatiful bikes!
    Hats off to the organiser, looking forward to seeing the route.

  5. @unica

    seems like interest is building nicely. If you want any help getting things moving in the twittersphere give me a shout

    Any early indications of numbers?

    I’m currently hoping to peaking in two months ish

  6. @936adl

    Thanks mate – will take you up on the twitter offer, especially after your sterling job on the Shifnal Cogal last year!

    Not to sure about numbers yet, but the buzz is building..

  7. @Robb112 and I rode the first section of the planned route this morning.

    Whilst most of it was fine, there were sections that that were in a really bad shape (lots of pot holes, covered in deep mud or both).  I feel that these are bad enough if you know the roads, so to bring a group down them where they would be new roads to most of you, means that I’m thinking of a plan B route.

    It’s possible that the alternative route won’t follow the outline route of Bristol, Bath, Somerset levels but will go over the Old Severn Bridge and head towards Abergaveny, then Monmouth and back into Chepstow – I’ll keep you all posted if this is the case.

    Of course, if we have no more rain over the next 6 weeks or so the original route should be fine, but I can’t see this happening…

  8. @Unica

    i’m sure it will all work out whichever option you go for!

    what’s the plan for the all important malted recovery beverage consumption ?

  9. 4 weeks and counting(down)……


    When do you think the route will be made available? And more importantly, have you booked the weather?

  10. Slightly concerned about the weather, but I’m sure it’ll be fine…

    It would be great to get some idea of numbers, especially for those that will be partaking in malted recovery beverage consumption so that I can book ahead if necessary.

    As for the route, the map planning is coming on nicely, and I’ve got a surprise in mind (not a bad one, I promise!) but I’ve not got anything sorted GPS wise just yet.  I’ll let you know when it is.

  11. Hi, I have not been on one of these rides before and am quite keen to come down and join y’all.

    Is there anything I need to do or do I just rock up at Strada cycles for 9.30?

    Regards, Sean.

  12. @Unica

    2 from Shifnal are a definite. We’re both on for MRBC too!

    The weather will be fine ;-)

  13. @rossers1975 There’s nothing you need to do, except turn up and ride!

    Just remember that these are unsupported rides, so you will need to bring food etc. (although we will stop mid ride) and at least one spare inner tube :)

  14. @936adl Why am I not surprised that you’ll both up for MRBC as well ;)

  15. I recced the first half of the route today and am happy to report that everything’s looking good (albeit there was still some ice patches on the roadsides in a couple of places, and this was after 10.30am – yikes!).

    The majority of the climbing will be in the first half and I’m hoping to get the route on-line tonight or tomorrow.

    Options I thought of for MRBC (©@936adl) are either Zero Degrees or Beerd but I’m obviously open to other suggestions.  As mentioned before, if you’re thinking of joining us for MRBC it would be great to get an idea of numbers so I can book if necessary.

    I have also realised that I am most definitely 2 months away from peaking…

  16. OK, I’ve created the route file in both .tcx and .gpx format.

    If you want a copy, let me know.

  17. @Unica I definitely won’t be riding (out of condition completely understates the situation!) but I am keen to come up for bespoke bristol, just negotiating with the “Boss” for a leave of absence..

    Would be interested in the tcx file if you want to send over to

  18. Great see you there.

  19. @Unica if you could mail me the .gpx variant that would be great. I think you’ve got my mail address.

  20. @Unica Hi. I may well try and come along for the Saturday ride +/- one other. Any chance you could email me the .gpx file?

    Thanks kindly.

  21. Not long to go now Bristol Velominatii. is it looking like a Rule #9 kind of day, with some V and VV. thrown in for good measure?

    whatever happens see you there @unica

  22. I had hoped to be there (non riding) to get some photos of you groovy guys fully decked out for some Bristol action…however my Sunday (when I was going to the show) has been kidnapped by the family and because I am lusting after a steel steed at some point I am not going to make it.  I will be at the Bespoke show Sat afternoon, I guess whilst you young bucks are crushing each other.

    Have fun all!  I look forward to the report and if I get the chance Ill let you know how the show was….

  23. Good luck to all participating tomorrow—have a great ride and weekend. I’ll wish you better weather than what we have here. 20-30mm of rain every day since Tuesday has me thinking I’m back in the PNW and not riding for fear of being in breach of Rule #42 (though I guess there’s something a little Rule #9 about swimming and riding at the same time…). Have a great weekend, folks!

  24. @Steampunk

    Good luck to all participating tomorrow—have a great ride and weekend. I’ll wish you better weather than what we have here. 20-30mm of rain every day since Tuesday has me thinking I’m back in the PNW and not riding for fear of being in breach of Rule #42 (though I guess there’s something a little Rule #9 about swimming and riding at the same time…). Have a great weekend, folks!

    “about swimming and riding at the same time” dangerously close to becoming a Tritard?!

  25. The car’s packed, alarm is set, and the v kit is ready.

    Rule #9 might  be in force, but it will not defeat us!!

    Bring it on!!!

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