Cannibal Connecticut Cogal-2013

Cannibal Connecticut Cogal-2013

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The Cannibal Velo Club Trustees met recently over frosty mugs to plan a joint Velominati-Cannibal Spring Cogal here in Connecticut.

Proposed details:

  • Date: Sunday May 19th (shrewdly missing both the Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekends).
  • Accommodations: I’m sure that among the Cannibals, we can host most or all of the visiting Velominati/hoti. Bed & Breakfast venues are also available nearby. A Saturday Dinner/BBQ would be great for those who arrive the day before the ride.
  • Route: about 130km, about 5k climbing! That’s a lot of climbing FFS.  A mix of short, tough climbs, endless rollers, and scenic beauty in both rural and coastal areas.

We can figure out other details, mid-ride chow, timing, etc. as the date nears. In the meantime, please share your thoughts and suggestions.

Contact me about the Cannibal Connecticut Cogal May 19, 2013; Chuck Mueller- ; Cannibal VeloClub info: ; @CannibalVelo on Twitter ; ‘Canniabal Velo Club’ on Facebook.

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Date - May 19, 2013
9:05 AM - 8:00 PM

Simon's Marketplace

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// Cogal // Rule VV (Climbing)

  1. Bummed I’m going to miss this.

    @Chuck Mueller

    Reminder: we Cannibals will gladly put up any visiting Velominati the night before. Lemme know.

    I hear Velominati make great dinners, euh, I mean dinner guests.

  2. @roger

    @MJ Moquin Rule #6 dear Matt. Weather is cooperating despite the lack of rain to clear the roads of sand, but you’ve got a good month to hammer like never before

    I have every intention of putting in as much TITS as I can. We’ll just have to see if it’s enough.

  3. @CanuckChuck

    Bummed I’m going to miss this.

    @Chuck Mueller

    Reminder: we Cannibals will gladly put up any visiting Velominati the night before. Lemme know.

    I hear Velominati make great dinners, euh, I mean dinner guests.

    Especially if the meal is based around mushrooms, right?

  4. @roger

    Rob, this is why i should never be put in charge of anything. I 99% of the time just say anything that sounds feasible ie, ct and ma and ny are kinda close, ill pick everyone up! After looking at a map i see they arent exactly a stones throw away from eachother.

    Cal, are you and david working on a carpool? Or would it be easier for me to grab the new yorkers for you? if you are doing that, maybe i should head down and grab rob? I have no idea. I just like carpooling.

    Buck, i dont think its possible for you to ever lose form. You have a fridge full of that magic drug: Maple syrup!!!!

    Yeah, my form is purely fucked on the bike but I am really thinking that I should be able to make this.  I will drive over that morning myself as I have to head down to D.C. after it ends for a conference starting on Monday morning.  So, as for now, I would say that I am about 75% going, although I will truly need a road map and a cell phone as I do not know if I can actually make it 130 k’s without dying on the bike somewhere and needed to call for a ride!

  5. Says the man who rattled off 340k’s with 3 bad knees.   youre at west point, cant you borrow some  newbie cadet and have him drive a humvee behind you as sag?  And a drill sargeant to bark at you for motivation?

    This is turning into quite a weekend.  My pollen allergies should be wrapped up by then too

  6. And isnt it a bottle of chianti and fava beans?

  7. Less than two weeks to go! 

    Who’s in?  We really need a head count to prepare for the chow, brew, and guest rooms required for the evening before.

    We have made a list of suggested Regroup Points with km & mi markers.  Most stops will be very brief, a few will be longer for photo-ops & carb intake.  Email me and I’ll send you the list (.pdf). 


  8. so im grabbing david saturday, anyone else coming early?

  9. I’m probably driving up the day of, and driving home afterwards (avec Le Medicin). There’s a small possibility that I’ll drive up the evening before, but I have to work that out.


  10. @cal  If you drive up Saturday (and we sure hope you can!), please consider picking up/rendezvous-ing with David from Brooklyn; that’d save Roger about 6 hours of extra driving by not picking him up all the way from Boston.   Thx!

    Cannibal Chuck

  11. Chuck I am hoping to make it… 80% and I will be coming that day. I’ll confirm early next week.

    Hey Buck, I will be happy to keep you company as I am only on my 7th short ride and will not have much else by then.

  12. chuck i have a few other motives for picking up david…

    1. Ramen.  Ill be making a stop near st marks to fill up on those wonderful bowls of ramen.

    2.  Cobbles.  I want to ride the cobbles off the bridge, down where it flooded last year.

    3.  Its NY!  Im always looking for an excuse to go there.  I swear im not meant to be a bostoner

    so as long as you bring the good doctor home,  i think we all set!  That is unless i cant fit the gunnar into the car.  Will probably need to pick up zipties and duct tape for reassembly of seat post!

  13. @roger  I’ll work out the David thing with you. I should have a better sense this weekend. Btw, I’d bring a hacksaw in case the Gunnar’s too unwieldy. Just sayin’. Can I have the wheelset when you’re done?

  14. @cal   Any further news on your arrivals date?  thx, Chuck

  15. @Chuck Mueller Sunday. Will see y’all at Simon’s.

  16. Weather looks to be Fantastic. Wouldn’t mind a King Clydesdale update though…

  17. Cannibal CT Cogal in the books. A great group and course.  For the Latern Rouge perspective:

    Thanks to Chuck and all who made it happen.

  18. Big huge thanks to the fine folks of chester, ct and the cannibal velo club.  It was an eventful day literalyl and figuratively with ups and downs. Picturesque new england and errant rocks causing punctures and a crash.  Lush green forests and an afternoon rainstorm.  Incredibly kind motorists or suicidal pomeranians.  Descending like a pro or outrunning an emu?  You can have it all right in chester.

    its to be expected though, even the news channel from new haven came out to do a piece and interview our gracious host mr mueller.

  19. Amen, brothers. A fantastic day. And a scenic ride replete with thigh-busting climbs and roller coaster descents. And a ferry ride past a castle to top it off. Thanks to the Cannibals! Let’s do it again.

  20. Some photos of the day




  21. @xyxax

    Nice! Alway good to get out with like-minded fools such as ourselves! Love the Ritte!

  22. ahh, cant believe it was a week ago already.

    some photos from the twitters of mike k and myself to live vicariously through until the next one…

    i like ritte too.  marketing is funny, colour schemes look good, and so far i havent heard of any insane problems that no other bikes have.  and yes, ive read all about the brand, and as long as they stand behind the product, let them milk the cash cow.




  23. @scaler911

    Yeah, one of the most amazing things out of this site.  Now if we could just get the code for one of those Star Trek (Trek?  WTF?) tele-transporter things…


    Thanks for putting those up.

  24. 2 weeks late on discovering this Cogal, so close! It looked like a solid ride and hopefully, I can get in on it next year seeing that its 30 minutes away…

  25. @Manweiser Organized rides are much like Christmas day — you have to shop early.

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