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For the 2014 SA cogal we were very generous in lending the keys to the kids down south. As you’d expect they treated that responsibility with absolutely no respect & delivered the kind of temperatures that would have made Satan break out in a sweat. As a result, we city folk are taking control back & doing the only logical thing, moving the ride date further back in to the middle of the Australian summer (shaddup, it worked fine last time)!

Some of the other capital cities in Australia would hate to admit it, but for the last week in January, the cycling focus lands squarely on Adelaide & under that spotlight we’re going to run the first of two SA based Cogals for 2015 on the Saturday preceding the Santos Tour Down Under.

Make no mistake, this course will require generous helpings of rules 5 & 10. The course as it stands is about 120k with 2,700m of climbing, including the now well known Corkscrew rd.

Come & join us on January 17th, We’ll start at a lovely French cafe, empty your climbing legs up in the hills & then return to the Belgian Beer Cafe for recovery beverages before heading in to the tour village to watch the team presos.

Strava Route is here.

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Date - January 17, 2015
9:05 AM - 6:00 PM

Hey Jupiter

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30 Replies to “CogAdelaide 2015”

  1. Giddy up…word to the Northern Hemisphere Velominati, there’s still plenty of time to arrange a mid winter escape to much warmer climes!

  2. Nice course, Saturday tends to be a work day. Will need to see what I can arrange!

  3. Excellent,

    BTW, I thought I treated the keys with the utmost respect, good course, 130Kms, bang on the money, nice climbs with a couple of hairy ones thrown in.  Good location and an excellent venue to start and finish.

    It was the weather that treated us like shit and I swear my Garmin said 8000 degrees celsius at one stage !

    Bring on January.   rAdelaide it is !

  4. @The Grande Fondue Yes indeed,  @Mikael Liddy is correct.

    Trying to avoid this years horrendous heat that was the day of our inaugural event by placing the 2nd of South Oz’s 2015 Cogal’s smack in classic’s week.

    The start location is sorted, now just to join the dots.

    Looking forward January though, @Mikael Liddy runs a tight ship.

  5. Slight route tweak since I was feeling benevolent (read: less sadistic), I’ve removed the 2k @ 12% beast straight on the back of Corkscrew Rd & replaced it with a nicer 3.5k @ 4% roller with a little gravel thrown in for good measure later in the day.

    New stats have it at approx 2,500m over 120k exactly.

    Just over a month to go peeps, you’d wanna be getting close to peaking!

  6. Cripes………….apparently the guy pretty much walked away from this.  I guess those down under may know more.


  7. @Teocalli yeah, cuts & bruises only. Rode over an aluminium rod & it flicked up & caught in the spokes/forks. Aftermath has the forks & front wheel snapped clean off the rest of the frame.

    Check out the skills on the bloke who veers around him & somehow manages to keep it upright!

  8. @Mikael Liddy   hows the updated route looking?   Given the hills are no longer maybe ride from the morning espresso to the TDU start line, park up and drink beer ! ?!?!?

  9. @Barracuda According to the guys running a tour that I’m helping out later in the week the roads (especially where we’re headed) should be fine. It’s really only one area near the first climb that could be an issue.

    I’m waiting to hear from someone within the TDU organisation and see what happens. I’ll know more later in the week, but it wouldn’t need much of a tweak anyways even if we have to skip the first climb.

  10. Note to all :-   Cherish your health like its a new born, look after your body as its the only machine that matters.

    My ongoing neck issues may see me miss the one thing that Ive been looking forward to since the fun, pain and camaraderie our Southern Cogal last year.

    @Mikael Liddy has strung together a ripper day, hope it goes well and is well supported.

    Get around it all who are near to Adelaide and can make it.

    I still hope to see you there, fingers crossed.

  11. Right, 3rd time’s a charm…route has been revised despite announcement that TDU stages 1 & 3 are going ahead through the bushfire zone. The roads we were planning on using are still closed at the moment (likely for cleaning up ahead of the tour), and I doubt they’re going to open them before the weekend.

    Biggest change is a loss of early k’s getting to the first climb, so I’ve added some distance to the back end that comes with the added bonus of one of Adelaide’s most picturesque roads. All up it’s 124k & about 2,700m of up.

  12. Have a great ride everyone, remember ladies race at 5.45 Sunday prior to the men, Come watch The Mrs Daccordi and her team take on the worlds and nations best!

  13. Minor update cos I’m too fried to write much & the Rule #47 obedience is taking away the cognitive abilities by the sip.

    Fantastic fucking day, Adelaide turned on perfect weather, great roads & some pretty awesome company. From the 20 odd who rolled out from Hey Jupiter to the 6 who rolled back in to the Belgian Beer Cafe, all rode like lions.

  14. Good times, good crew and great roads and awesome scenery.  And the beers and burger at the end didn’t even touch the sides.

    Well done to all.

    Cogals just work!

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