East Maui Loop Cogal-2013

East Maui Loop Cogal-2013

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Heading toward Kaupo

What better way to ring in 2013 than to meet the Man with the Hammer? I’m expecting a 60% attendance rate (n=3) for Maui Velominati with Frank as big kahuna guest of honor unless we can cajole Ryder into joining the fun (doubtful). @Mauibike will be our experienced tour guide and spiritual leader. This is listed as casually deliberate pace but with this much climbing there will be much shelling and regrouping.

The route circumscribes the Haleakala volcano counter-clockwise with approximately 175 km and 3.3 km of climbing. We will all ride to and rendez-vous at Grandma’s at 1 km of elevation to take on coffee around V past 7 in the morning. Frank and I will have left on bike well before first light to make it there. One can do a kilometer of climbing at the beginning or at the end of this and he and I will split the difference, something I will dearly regret eight hours later.

Leaving Grandma’s we start a long descent towards sea level and Maui’s own pavé sector. The south coast is hot, dry and devoid of water except the Kaupo general store, hence the early start. Past the pavé will be some dirt sectors and some of the poorest, most broken up tarmac around. The road will eventually poke around toward the East end of Maui, more green,  past the grave of America’s favorite flyer/isolationists Charles Lindbergh’s grave. The route proceeds through Kipahulu to Hana town where lunch will be taken on and hopefully kept down.

Leaving Hana we cruise the green, wet north shore which is weathered into fifty plus gultches: in, out, up, down, repeat. Somewhere along here I will meet Mr Hammer and it will be a long nasty effort to stiff-arm him all the way back to the house. The final climb, for those who chose not do do this in the pre-dawn dark, will be “fun” and will scatter the group again. I hope Frank can find his way home by himself. The regrouping will happen later that day at Flatbreads in Paia where the great rehydration will occur. Tall tales will be recounted, tattoos tattooed.

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Date - January 09, 2013
7:05 AM - 8:30 PM

Grandma's Coffee House

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// Casually Deliberate (No Drop) // Cogal // Rule VV (Climbing)

  1. This is going to be a beauty! Sun, a massive mind-fuck of a ride that takes you from the desert on one side of the island all the way around to the jungle on the other…kill me now.

    Oh, and no one on Maui carries Vittora Pit Stop, so I guess I’m strapping a tire under my seat. Can’t wait!

  2. I got excited when I looked quickly and saw 09/01 then realized this was tomorrow. Already cant wait to come back to Maui in the fall. I’ll gladly do the Boston to Maui commute every time to get into paradise.


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