Festum Prophetae

Festum Prophetae

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The anual international Cogal will be held each year on the birthday of The Prophet, Eddy Merckx – June 17. Community members will have the choice to observe this in their own way; honor him by riding at the front all day, or head out alone to meet the Man with the Hammer with just a bit of food in the jersey and water in the bidon.

We also encourage community members to organize Cogals on the day of, if possible, or on the nearest weekend day. However you choose to observe Festum Prophetae, make sure you do with with dignity and respect.

Vive la Vie Velominatus.

Event Details

Date - June 17, 2014
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


Cogal Details
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Ride Classification

// Cogal

  1. I thought this would be most appropriate on this post.

    New t-shirts in the studio. If you know your graffiti, you know this!

  2. Merckxellence!

  3. @Dan_R Thanks for that, you li’l bugger! Now I am compelled to visit their online store to buy Café Roubaix Cycles" rel="nofollow" class=" vm_linkablecontent">one of those shirts.

  4. So, what’s everyone got planned for the Prophet’s birthday?

    We’re planning on a post work metric century ride. Finishing off in style with chips and Real Ale!

    Hopefully Eddy would approve.

  5. @936adl Nothing on the day but it’s the Flat Out in the Fens sportive next Sunday. I’m considering riding to and from the start/finish to make it a double Imperial.

    It would be good to get a big distance under my belt/in the legs for my preparations for September’s Manchester to London silliness.

  6. Oh boy, it’s almost here! Festum Prophetae Eve.

    I’m heading out for two hours solo at 6:00, beating the heat and the morning rush hour. Can’t wait.

    Spending the evening with the VMH celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. Not a bad day! Oh, and Brasil v. Mexico in the World Cup.

    Happy birthday, Eddy! And I hope all the Keepers and Followers have a fine day and fit a ride in!!

  7. Is just basic hill repeats up a steep one (6-8 percent) on a fixed gear OK (geared 49×18)? and a spin around before/after?  It’s a nighttime weekly ride that we mainly show up fixed for, so I don’t fancy riding a 60 mile hill loop in the countryside in the dark…. I don’t want to phone this in either [note: pedalwan here]. Please counsel me, Velominati.

  8. Woke up today not wanting to ride—sad but true! Then I realized that it was June 17…What would Eddy do? A quick blast on the bike into work, and I am reformed and ready for my day. HAPPY FESTUM PROPHETAE!

  9. In honour of Eddy, I got a little competitive on the commute home today and pretended I was on a solo break. Happy FP everybody!

  10. It would seem the postal services were aware of the significance of yesterday, look what landed on the desk.

  11. @Mikael Liddy sweet!

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