And the Prophet handed down the New Vestement.

Festum Prophetae

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The annual international Cogal will be held each year on the birthday of The Prophet, Eddy Merckx – June 17. Community members will have the choice to observe this in their own way; honor him by riding at the front all day, or head out alone to meet the Man with the Hammer with just a bit of food in the jersey and water in the bidon.

We also encourage community members to organize Cogals on the day of, if possible, or on the nearest weekend day. However you choose to observe Festum Prophetae, make sure you do with with dignity and respect.

Vive la Vie Velominatus.

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Date - June 17, 2017
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


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    June 17, 2017

    Seems like a fitting Cogal and Festum! It is ALL day.

  2. Today I rode past the house where Eddy was born.

    two years ago, the locals put up a statue there in his honor.

    my ride today was on a Merckx team SC the last model made in his factory under his supervision

    I’d love to share today’s pictures

  3. Going to announce my Festum Prophetae Hour Ride, in the hope others will be encouraged.

    Saturday the 17th of June, Maindy cycle track, at about 8pm BST.

    My aim is to see what my maximum is, so I’ll be using my full aero kit and my track bike (must be more aero, no brakes!).

    I’m going for 43 kms.

  4. Went on a ride today with my 14 year old son over the Onkerzeleberg, the Muur of Geraardsbergen (kapelmuur inclusive), the Bosberg, the Congoberg and the Guilleminlaan in honour of my fellow countryman and all time idol Eddy Merckx.


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