Festum Prophetae Perth 2013

Festum Prophetae Perth 2013

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To all WA Velominati – I know you’re out there!

What be better way to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday than riding with a bunch of like minded souls through the diversity Perth has to offer. As we near the winter solstice , this is perhaps the most Flandrian Perth can get!

Starting at the Narrows on our beloved Swan River we’ll head out to the Hills through JFNP, Mundaring Weir and the Bickley Valley, down the sweeping decent of Canning Mills, through deepest, darkest Kenwick to swing on to the Shelley loop back to the Narrows. We can then recount the days exploits at the Belgian Beer Cafe, drink a toast to Eddie and all avow to be on KT2014!

Let’s make it happen!



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Date - June 16, 2013
7:05 AM - 4:50 PM

South Perth Parasailing. West of Narrows Bridge

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// Casually Deliberate (No Drop) // Cogal

  1. I’m keen on this a Perth Velomi-lurker I have a feeling the Prophet’s Birthday might clash with the first round of the CX series in Perth. Will investigate…

  2. @Benj – Hi – start will be at the Narrows Car Park – was having some dramas getting Google Maps to lock on to it. Nothing about CX on PMBC, but I wasn’t keeping tabs on it. See how much interest there is……

  3. WA means Washington to us ‘Muricans. I live in that state, and there’s no Perth here. Do I have to fly to this Cogal?

  4. @asyax

    I can’t find anything official but the date sticks in my mind for some reason. Regardless, pencil me in! I’ll have to have a few more cracks at Mills Road, it’s been a while since I hit that particular section of tarmac. I’d say it’s the best descent and toughest climb anywhere around Perth.


    For us ‘Strayans WA stands for Western Australia, and yeah, you’d need a plane.

  5. @Benj – Glad to have you on board.

    Prelim route is as follows;


  6. @asyax @benj

    I’d have been up for it but at this time of year I’m coaching my son’s footy team so weekend rides are stuffed and genrally squeezed in around the games. Good luck with it, will be up for one another time.

  7. @asyax

    I’m up for the ride, see you in South Perth for the start. toe fully can get another couple of riders along as well.

  8. @tinman Great – It sounded though it was going to be a bit on the small side – madly awaiting delivery of V-kit (Frank???).

    Anyway should be a good day – bit Flandrian in the morning me thinks! See you there!

  9. Looks like I’m going to have to count myself out of this one. Have just put the roadie into intensive care. Snapped derailleur hanger, wrecked RD and a few broken spokes on my roadie after the RD decided to throw itself into my back wheel.

    Supposed to be riding in the CX Superwestige that morning as well.
    Sorry guys, hope it’s a good ride. Will definitely be in for the next one.

  10. @Benj – No. 2??

    I had a look earlier today at PMBC and saw the CX race was up – bugger – I was keen to have a crack as well. Annoying how double bookings come along! I see they are flying the Lion of Flanders too!


    Anyhow, we’ll see who turns up in the morning – we should be finished around noon – I think the CX is at 2pm. I’ll definitely be up for the second CX round in July.

  11. @asyax
    Didn’t realise the timing of the CX races, just assumed it was AM like their previous ones. Looks like I’ll need to reassess this. I can probably switch some 23s onto the CX machine or dig out the old steel Peugeot.

    Will look into it and get back to you.


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