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RIGHT!!! Buck and Roger are kicking off a New England Gravé Cogal. This starts at Roger’s shop.

It is a gravel/dirt Cogal. This route was used last September for another ride and is supposedly AWESOME!!!

You will need 28mm at a minimum, maybe 32 mm tires on gravel/CX bikes per the description.

Here’s a link to the route/description/etc from the September ride but this one is by us, not the cycling shop, but all are welcome of course!  The write up mentions registering/meals/etc.  None of that applies to us.

Details on pre-ride espresso/pre-night drinking in Boston/post ride recovery drinking is forthcoming but mark your calendars for this puppy!!!

It will be a GREAT Heck of the North appetizer for anyone thinking about heading out there in October as well!!!

No drop, Casually deliberate but we might break into groups depending on what bikes you bring.

The route.


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Date - April 26, 2014
9:05 AM - 8:20 PM

Ride Studio Café

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