Hell in the Great White North Cogal 2013

Hell in the Great White North Cogal 2013

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Steamy is at it again too. This sounds cold. Send complaints to <egan@mcmaster.ca>

~100k at casually deliberate/no drop. Biggest obstacle could be the weather””butter tarts at Dar’s Delights (turnaround point) will be worth the trip.

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Date - February 24, 2013
9:05 AM - 2:15 PM

Café Domestique

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// Casually Deliberate (No Drop) // Cogal

  1. I planned on coming back over this year at some point, but this may be too early, weather is bad enough in Darkest Perthshire as it is. I will stay tuned for a later ride though. Enjoy !

  2. Biggest obstacle could be the weather…umm…intrigued

  3. @strathlubnaig

    We’ve got a mini-Cogal planned for early April and then a bigger ride set for the end of May. Hoping @Mel and others see this. We’re expecting a goodly number of Velominata participating.

  4. @Steampunk


    We’ve got a mini-Cogal planned for early April and then a bigger ride set for the end of May. Hoping @Mel and others see this. We’re expecting a goodly number of Velominata participating.

    Nice one. Well if I do not manage to visit the Homeland then, I will put out a general short notice shout when I do manage over, be good to go for a ride anyway with some local V-folk. Cheers.

  5. @strathlubnaig

    Holler when you’re coming this way. We can definitely try to orchestrate some kind of a ride if I’m in town…

  6. @Steampunk – am excited by the proximity of this Cogal and as bad-assed as I like to think of myself, I dare say the timing of this is still a bit chilly. Like @Freddy, am intrigued but…maybe not as bad-assed as I thought I was. Email me directly and we can chat – I can definitely see what some of my velominati think. I can always hang out in the Domestique and eat croissants and drink espressos and then drive to Dar’s and eat buttertarts and engage in her usual (un)pleasantries (which I actually seem to miss during the winter months).

  7. I’m looking out at 20+cm of snow, which is still falling heavily. Which means it will be sunny and warm by the end of the month.

    @Mel Rule 5, Rule #9. That is all. But, yes: Dar is delightful.

    9:00″”Espresso @ Domestique

    11:00″”Buttertarts @ Dar’s

    13:00″”Chili & beer @ Domestique

    Now that’s what I call winter training!

  8. 10 days out. Forecast says sunny and 0c. Which would be more than any of us deserve. But it does mean roads will be clear.

  9. @Steampunk


    We’ve got a mini-Cogal planned for early April and then a bigger ride set for the end of May. Hoping @Mel and others see this. We’re expecting a goodly number of Velominata participating.

    I believe the proper term for a mini-Cogal is a Cogletto.

  10. @ten B

    Only if you plan ride it in heels…

  11. @Steampunk

    10 days out. Forecast says sunny and 0c. Which would be more than any of us deserve. But it does mean roads will be clear.

    Fenderless weather? In February? Well, this sounds just gorgeous. Thanks again for setting these things up.

    Course, this time I think I’ll have to crawl out of bed at some ungodly hour for a 6:45 Lakeshore West train.

  12. @not an Adrian

    Awesome! The coffee when you get to Dundas will be worth the early morning. Fenderless weather, though, I’ll probably be riding this:

  13. Link to the proposed route. We may revise a little based on wind…


  14. …and here is the alternative. My instinct is that the weather will determine which one we do.


  15. Really wish I could make it down for this one. Next time…

  16. Snow squall this afternoon. Lots of bluster, but very little substance. Which might be too accurate a description of me, I fear. But looking forward to Sunday nevertheless! Be on time!!

  17. My brother and I are coming down from Guelph. See you at 8:45.

  18. Preparations are being made. One last search is being made for my ridiculous kit-matching cycling cap, but expectations are grim. In these times of desperation, the head-condom begins to sing its siren song.

    One question: Will Krys and the staff of the Domestique be okay with strange people leaving a bag in the cafe, or will I have to stew in my kit for 20 minutes?

    GO schedules are uncompromising. I’ll probably be there ~8:30

  19. Have a great ride today!

  20. Woke up to a nice layer of snow. Which shouldn’t disturb anyone. It shouldn’t get any worse. Rule #9 will definitely be applied today.

  21. We turned back at Freelton. Hope to see you at the next cogal.

  22. Congrats to all those adherents of Rule #5 who made the ride today. Rule #9 should definitely be applied!

  23. KBK was canceled. But that’s because Belgians aren’t Canadians. Three braved the hell in the great white north. All veterans of the 2012 Ontario Cogal. There was no shame in bowing out of this one, and hopefully the numbers will be greater for the May ride out of Dundas. But the world wasn’t so very bad once in the saddle. And once the SW wind wasn’t blowing into or across us, it was fairly smooth sailing. A couple of dodgy slush and snow patches, but otherwise, a beautiful, white world as we rolled out. Snow falling. It actually cleared and there was some semblance of sunshine trying to break through in the ride’s latter stages. The Flahutian badge of honour goes to @not an Adrian, who took the 6:45 train down from Toronto and rode from the station to Domestique for this one. Because that’s how it’s done. And without his toe warmers. And no jacket. @Turning circles did much of the pulling along the rural roads. Good conversation had. Along with some terrific butter tarts at Dar’s. This was not a big ring ride, but the conditions made this a valuable gauge of fitness at this point in the early season.

  24. You guys upheld the honour of all Canadian Velominati (even those of us who spent the day indoors, hiding from the frigid temperatures and snowy roads, drinking coffee and eating pastries)!

    Great photos. Pantani never looked so hard-assed!

  25. 87km of deliberately casual (I don’t remember which of my companions coined that one)””which means just hard enough to stave off the hypothermia. Note the Domestique steel frame in the second pic. That’s one pretty sweet ride.

    @Duende Pantani was a wimp. Although: riding behind @not an Adrian, I imagine I got a sense of how Stijn Vandenbergh must have felt behind Luca Paolini yesterday: the size differential meant that I was still pretty much in the wind.

  26. My reference to Rule #50 was perhaps too subtle…

  27. Well done lads. Mother Nature is your VMH.

  28. @Steampunk

    Sorry I missed this one, but, um, no. Catch y’all again next time!!

  29. One requires a little madness to contemplate heading out at 6:30 on a soggy winter morning and leaving behind the warm, hearty embrace of a plate full of bacon, sausages and eggs. There’s a good reason to go when the destination is a @Steampunk-led Cogal into the great white north, hell or not.

    Delicious pastries consumed at both ends kept the belly warm in spite of wet kit and cold temperatures. Riding jacket-free was made much more bearable by good conversation, a chance to duck away from the wind every so often, and aluminum foil in the shoes, as provided by the staff Café Domestique.

    A spring of steering in straighter lines upon drier roads, while accompanied by a greater number of riders, will be that much sweeter after a day such as this.

    Big thanks to @Turning circles for the pulling, and giving me a lift to the train station after the conclusion of the route, and thanks again to @Steampunk for organizing the ride, and letting me guinea-pig a set of Domestique shoe covers.

  30. Nice.

    I did a stewpid organized ride in the Puget Sound area today called the “Chilly Hilly.” It was a teeny bit hilly but nowhere near as chilly as yours. And not as long. And not as stylish. Chapeau.

  31. @Steampunk nice going you mad fuckers. Being in a place that today will achieve the most 30C+ days in February on record, I cannot even begin to contemplate those conditions. Pretty sure i wouldn’t ventrure out the front door to get a newspaper on a day like that. The only ice I can recall seeing is in a rum and dry and it melts fast.

    Your saddle looks pretty high in that photo Steamy – but maybe that is caused by the mulitple layers you must be wearing?

    Crazy bastards.

  32. You pricks are mad, I’d be in bed crying in that weather. I rode 120km Sunday in 38 degrees, finished 6 bidons on the ride and 2 more when I got home, my kit was white with salt and that is a pussys ride compared to you Canadians, you must really love the work.

  33. @Marcus

    Saddle was a touch high. But I only decided that about an hour into the ride as my lower back start to let me know it wasn’t terribly happy. The bike was a loner (pic above””it’s a beauty), and an overly hasty measurement yesterday said the saddle height & position was “pretty close.”

    No layers, but I will say this: Giordana Forma Red Windfront Bibtights are the freakin’ bomb! I wasn’t even remotely cold on this ride. Just gilet, jersey, and base layer on top. Booties & lobster claws. But those tights: very comfortable and very toasty. Highly recommended.

    @Daccordi Rider

    I came home covered in salt, too. But I think it was from the road rather than sweat. Only half a bidon consumed. And three butter tarts.

  34. Good stuff all around. I really hope to be able to make it up there in May.

  35. Ooh, tell me about that Habanero frame.

  36. Great to see the 3 of you were able to get together and enjoy a relatively sunny afternoon outside. The Cafe Domestique rig looks good Professor! I think many of our friends from the southern hemispheres have the wrong impression when it comes to winter riding. Some days are for base building, and some are just to be outside, in the elements, and completely tranquilo. Case in point, I had to doodle around after 1 meter of snow fell overnight a few weeks ago. Most serene ride i’ve had in months.

  37. To DerHoggz

    The frame is their large cross/touring frame. I commute roughly 50 km for over half the year and wanted a dead reliable, long lasting ride. For me, this is the ideal set up. The frame is very comfortable yet is most solid; no energy dissipated. I generally use bigger tires for the commute but for this ride was on 23’s. Everything felt great.

    Kudos to Steampunk and not an Adrian for a great ride.

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