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As Bacchanalia were the ancient Roman feasts dedicated to Baccus, god of wine, so shall the Velominatus, with Coganalia, celebrate the cog (along with wine, beer and food, of course!)

Coganalia are not to be confused with Cogals. Whereas the Cogal, “…is a day-long undertaking that focuses 100% on the bike,” the Coganalia focus primarily on eating and drinking with a little bike ride thrown in to ease the guilt pangs you might feel from all the eating and drinking. Non-riding VMH are expressly welcome.

Though short notice, I would like to call the first Coganalia for August 24 at my home in Kirkland, Washington, USA with the following schedule of events:

· 10:30 Those inclined to ride, meet at my home for freshly made stroopwafel and espresso.

· 11:05 We roll for a casually deliberate spin through the hills of Kirkland to the tune of 50k and 500 meters or so of climbing. About 10 k before the finish there will be a short malted recovery beverage stop at the Black Raven Brewing Co.. The ride ends back at my place for showers and a change out of kit.

· 2:30 Those not inclined to ride and non-riding VMH come to my house. We eat and drink until we stop.

Rather than publish my home address on line, drop me an email at jelenbaas (at) duvoice (dot) com and I will reply with the address.

Bring your favorite bottle(s) of Belgian elixir, we’ll cover the rest. For those coming from out of town and those who find that they should not conduct themselves home on Saturday night, we have two spare rooms with queen size beds, a living room couch, a back yard, and a couple of bathrooms in which you can pass out.


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Date - August 24, 2013
10:30 AM - 11:30 PM


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