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London Calling

A London Cogal was discussed a few months ago but didn’t get beyond a casual conversation. This week’s sad news about @itburns has made me realise how much this community means to people and that sitting back and waiting for things to happen is not an option.

London calling to the faraway towns

The London Cogal will start from the Mall and head roughly South West to Havant on the coast, possibly taking in a loop of Box Hill.

Route: Something like this (Subject to some modification and refinement)

The ride out of London will should serve as a good leg loosener, a steady build up to speed by the time we hit the countryside rather than it being fast from the go. The route isn’t quite nailed down yet (we’ll refine it over the next month or so) but there are plenty of stunning roads through that part of the country. If you’ve got any thoughts, email me on the address below.

The route is generally lumpy, crossing the South Downs, so it make sense to make it a no drop day but if there’s a decent number of attendees, two groups might be the sensible way forward.

The Royal Oak in Havant is an ideal spot for post ride recovery beverages and protein replenishment. Lamb Shanks or Beef and Ale pie will go down particularly well if it’s a Rule #9 day. After that it’ll be a short ride to Havant Station to get the train back into London.

For those in the South West/South of London and not wanting to head into the centre of town the route will take us through either Richmond Park or Clapham Junction/Common so we could pause briefly to pick up attendees a second rendezvous point.

Email me at if you’re interested and with your thoughts on the route.

The ice age is coming, the sun’s zooming in

The Royal Oak The Royal Oak

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Date - October 13, 2013
9:05 AM - 9:00 PM

Admiralty Arch

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