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@eightzero is throwing down the sweaty gauntlet here. He has a vision of a V-kitted, Rule compliant freight train of pain. Normally this post would be directly slotted into the Cogal section but it technically is not a Cogal: it has an entry fee, it’s too organized and people will not get lost. Actually I’m surprised there is a road up Mt Baker. From what I remember it looks like Mt Cook in New Zealand, crampons not tubs. Hill climbs are few and far between, it is important for us to support them by saddling up. Ride information and registration at Festival 542.

This ride appears on the Cogal calendar, but is classified as an event, not a Cogal.

For more information, please see @eightzero’s Guest Article on the subject.

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Date - September 09, 2012
6:30 AM - 6:30 AM

Wake n' Bakery

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