Second Annual Bay Area Cogal ver. 2013

Second Annual Bay Area Cogal ver. 2013

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Palo Alto, CA.  8:0V am.  Here is the Route.

The second annual Bay Area Cogal will take in the finest roads the Peninsula has to offer. We’ll ride over the hills from Portola Valley, out to the coast, down to Santa Cruz or thereabouts, and then back for recovery beverages. We hope you can join us.



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Date - July 20, 2013
8:05 AM - 5:00 PM

Alpine Inn

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// Casually Deliberate (No Drop) // Cogal // Rule VV (Climbing)

  1. Amazing  google maps. 35miles-ish to the alpine inn. A bit of a challenge to just popover.

  2. @gaswepass Eff me, is it that far?  30 minutes on the freeway, it’s on my way to the start.  But you’d have to get back which would eat up a bunch of time.

    Too bad you are on the wee side, I coulda lent you a bike.  Pacific Cycles is probably a good bet from where you’ll be in the City, just bop up 280 which lets you off South of Market.  Or you could go on BART.

    @Xyverz had someone send him this recommendation; they are farther but will delivery which adds to the total cost but is more convenient, depending on the balance of your time/money equation:

    He may also have some ride ideas for the northern penisula.

  3. @Nate

    thinkin likely too complicated, really appreciate the generosity to offer picking me up and all. Pretty lucky to b gettin the saddle time on family vacation, a 4 hr expedition is pushing it(and that’s before I get lost coming back… )I’m just going to have to be creative on routing from the location I’m staying at.

  4. @gaswepass Understood, I know how families vacays are —  Rule 11 be damned!  I hope we can find you some decent riding to squeeze in.

  5. @gaswepass Sadly, the rental place mentioned is down in Los Altos, a bit further away than the Cogal start-point. (Unless they have one closer to you…) That being said, I hear there’s a good climb up San Bruno Mountain, but I’m not sure if it’s paved or dirt. Marin’s full of stuff, but that’s across the GG Bridge from where you are. Hmmm. Milbrae Ave in Burlingame should be a nice climb, if you climb it all the way up to 280. It’ll have some 20% stuff near the top. I really don’t know much about the northern peninsula as I usually don’t ride further north than 84, unless I’m riding up to SF itself.

  6. @gaswepass If Xyverz doesn’t know maybe someone else does.  Or do a Strava segment explore.

  7. My old stomping grounds.  Born and raised in Los Altos with family in Portola Valley.  I’d make the drive from Tahoe to meet you all but we have guests next weekend damnit.  Do it again in the fall!!!

    On another note, check this video of Page Mill Rd.

  8. @pakrat Too bad you can’t make it.  If you have plans to be here in the fall let us know.  Next one is probably in the East Bay.

  9. @pakrat Page mill is a wonderful climb, if not brutal at times. For somebody like me who is too fat to climb, it definitely grants satisfaction when I complete that climb. I am not a fan of the descent though. Steep and scary with lots of blind corners. Yes, I’m a pussy.

  10. @Nate

    @gaswepass Will you be in SF or elsewhere? I have recommended Pacific Bicycle south of Market to people in the past for rentals, and they have reported satisfactory experiences. Sports Basement also rents in the City and is located near the GG Bridge, which offers convenient Marin County access. Don’t have any reports of experience with it.

    rented from pacific bicycle yesterday. Big shout out-  they went above and beyond- brought my printout from my latest fitting and they actually swapped the stem for me to counter the longer top tube of the rental rig. they also had an awesome carbon 650b santa cruz mtb flirting with me the whole time. it was a test, I think. crap- I still have to go back to return…

  11. @gaswepass Great, I hope you can get in some good rides.

  12. @Nate

    thx. Went today from southern sf to the headlands in marin. Riding briefly on highway 1 with no shoulder and 3 lanes of traffic was an unanticipated bonus feature of iPhone based routing on the fly. got lucky tho- the city and hills weren’t socked in despite the ongoing misting. Tomorrow more hills in some other direction…

  13. @gaswepass Cool ride, good luck with the route finding.

  14. Is this still on? :-) and do we have a route yet? I was planning on dragging a friend or two but they wanted to get a feeling for the length plus climbing before they committed.

  15. @BStaz Yes the ride is on, hope you and your mates can join us.  The route that’s posted is 185 km and 2900 m of climbing.  I think we have come up with a couple small modifications to the route — primarily a different climb out of Santa Cruz, with less traffic — and that is not reflected in the route that’s posted.  We’ll try to update that.  So what we actually do might be slightly shorter, but at least 170 km.  2900 m of vertical is roughly the amount of climbing.  There will be a range of abilities, and it’s no drop, so we’ll regroup on a regular basis.

  16. @Nate

    There will be a range of abilities, and it’s no drop, so we’ll regroup on a regular basis.

    That’s the polite way of saying, “Ian’s too fat to climb,” so we’ll be waiting for him. A lot.

    Do you want me to post my modified route with the ride up Granite Creek, Nate?

  17. @Xyverz

    That’s the polite way of saying, “Ian’s Too Fat To Climb,” so we’ll be waiting for him. A lot.

    BTW, Ian’s me (in case you didn’t know…)

  18. @Xyverz


    There will be a range of abilities, and it’s no drop, so we’ll regroup on a regular basis.

    That’s the polite way of saying, “Ian’s Too Fat To Climb,” so we’ll be waiting for him. A lot.

    As long as we are sandbagging, my knee is a bit sore.

    Do you want me to post my modified route with the ride up Granite Creek, Nate?

    That would be great!

  19. @Nate I weighed in at 102kg today. I was 85kg when I started following this site. I’ve porked up quite a bit. So yeah. I’m too fat to climb. ;-) (but I’ll do my best)

    I’ll get the new map made up this evening.

  20. @Xyverz

     I’ll do my best

    Of that I have no doubt!  Looking forward to Saturday.

  21. @Nate I was able to update the Modified route. According to ridewithgps, 175km with 3065m elevation.

    The distance is probably accurate, but I doubt the elevation is. I think it’s likely off by about 200-300m.

  22. @Xyverz Most excellent!

  23. Looks like it will be a beautiful day out on the coast tomorrow. See everyone in the morning.  Remember, The Ride Starts On Time — 8:0V.

  24. Sorry I missed the ride, it looks like the route turned out awesome. I have yet to ride that far south on the coast.  In my defense I took a rest day for this :   So you know I didn’t slack off for the weekend.  Looking forward to the write up and the next event.

  25. @BStaz Ouch.  That looks painful.  We did Marin last year, Peninsula this year, so next one is East Bay.  Might not wait till next year, could be this fall.

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