The Seattle VVhidbey Autumn Cogal Des Trois 2013

The Seattle VVhidbey Autumn Cogal Des Trois 2013

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Come Ride the VVhidbey Island Cogal

We rode in 2011. @cyclops killed us all at km 0.

We rode in 2012. The wind and rollers killed us all day.

It is now 2013. Do you love the work? Do you miss TMWTH? Do you enjoy riding some of the most gorgeous island routes Western Washignton has to offer? If you answer with three (trois) yeses, then this Cogal is for you.

We plan the same route as 2011 and 2012. A no drop, casually deliberate ride on October 5, 2013. Bring your directions, the road has choices, and maybe (maybe) you don’t want to get lost. Bring supplies, as Coupeville is the only, but most logical place for refuel and rewater.

In keeping with the ferry schedule and change in season daylight, we plan a V past VV start. Note that coin operated showers are available at the Langley marina. Bring quarters. Mo’s Pub and Eatery in Langley has post ride food and malted recovery beverages, including the kind that come from a far off land renowned for its Islay and Highland (inter alia) versions.

Ride directions here

Start/end: South Whidbey Island Commons and CoffeeHouse, 124 2nd Street Langley, WA 98260

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Date - October 05, 2013
10:05 AM - 5:30 PM

South Whidbey Island Commons and CoffeeHouse

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// Casually Deliberate (No Drop) // Cogal

  1. I don’t want to sound desperate but I need to hear by tomorrow afternoon if someone is leaving from the Seattle area and can take me and my #1. Otherwise I’m not able to make it to this Cogal. I promise to be good company, chip in for gas, and/or malted recovery beverages. I’m out in Redmond, but I should be able to take a bus or get a ride to anywhere in the Seattle metro area on Saturday morning, depending upon what’s convenient for you.

  2. This is me. Note: I have since acquired cycling-specific eyewear.

  3. @zeitzmar I feel your pain, but my car is full, and my day quite uncertain. There are some bus options to Mukelteo. Busses may have weekend schedules that are less than predictable. But the ride from the ferry landing to Langley is pretty nice – I did it in 2011.

    One other thing that mihgt be less expensive than you think is a one day car rental. Some companies have walk-up rates that are vey cheap.

    Oddly enough, another option is riding to the Mukelteo landing. Makes for a long day in the saddle, but join us for the start, loop back midride from Coupville (as I am planning). Back to the ferry, then you might find some bus options from the terminal on this side back to redmond.

    Just some options. Sorry I can’t accommodate.

  4. @eightzero Thanks for the ideas. I really appreciate you trying to help me figure this out. I think I’ll have to hold out for a ride though, due to temporal and monetary constraints.

  5. Weather says morning fog, sun in the afternoon. Dress properly. And someone bring a camera. Mine sucks.

  6. @eightzero perfect riding weather. looks like I’ll be able to make it there! If I bring a backpack with my change of clothes, will someone have a car I can stash it in?

  7. I am very iffy for dinner tonight – no change on the ride from this end, though…Looks like great weather!

    @zeitzmar I am looking like a full car, but anything can change. I’ll let you know if I find something out that changes my situation and I can drive you…

  8. Aak. An emergency calls. I am missing the Hudson call, but am planning the ride tomorrow. See you at the start.

  9. Sitting at the Hudson, taking a few pints for the team.

    Given the number of people who have bailed, we should have gone rowing instead!

  10. @G’rilla

    V will get you VV, @eightzero bails on the ride tomorrow due to Gigantus Mangititus.

    Which means I should figure out the route?

  11. @frank


    V will get you VV, @eightzero bails on the ride tomorrow due to Gigantus Mangititus.

    Which means I should figure out the route?

    I have the Garmin 705 version. I plan the 9am boat.

  12. Hope that a rookie Velomenati crashing the party tomorrow is proper.  Please feel free to keep me in line if I commit violations.

  13. Have arrived on board the 8am sailing of MV Chelan. I’m way early. See you all in Langley.

  14. UWT and I are on the 9am ferry.

  15. Ripping good fun! Thanks to all; see you next year for the “Cogal of the Falling Leaves.”

  16. Thanks to everyone for a showing me a great time at my first (definitely not last Cogal). Also now I know how to pronounce it properly. So wonderful to ride with such a welcoming group of fellow disciples in the way of the V.

  17. Bill passed along this nice pic he took on the Cogal of @eightzero on one of the very few flats on VVhidbey.

  18. Looks like it got rowdy last night:

  19. @scaler911 Who hasn’t tried to move a potted tree in the middle of the night while one’s pants are falling down?

  20. Man oh man, I must have learned a lot yesterday, my brain feels too big my skull.

    It was great to meet and pedal with y’all.

    @Eightzero Outstanding job on organizing a great ride, the weather was a great treat.

  21. @urbanwhitetrash

    I think we solved most of the worlds problems, and it only took us until 2:30am to do it.

    You don’t happen to remember any of the solutions or problems, do you?

  22. @eightzero @scaler911 these two photos paint a beautiful picture of a cogal done properly!

  23. The Friday Harbor Boys offer congratulations and thanks to all for a wonderful day.  Came in at 150 K including the finishing Mud Bay/Lancaster Rd walls that nearly ended it all right there, very tough at that time of day…  It was a pleasure to meet everyone.  You did well Zeitzmar, the Velominati ride hard!

  24. Excellent time. Lessons learned (how to pronounce words I thought I knew, a Boonen beverage satisfies the Man with the Hammer). Cherries popped (first cogal, first use of the mini ring).

    And yes, from now on I will spell it VVhidbey Island.

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