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On 10/13/12, we return to the scene of the crime – the site of the very first Seattle Cogal in 2011. The Anniversary ride starts at V-past 9am, so plan ahead to be sure to get on the correct Mukilteo/Clinton ferry so as to arrive at the starting point in Langley with ample time for the obligatory pre-ride espressi. The route is planned to be the same as last year’s, and Merckx Willing, I will make it around the entire course now that my Jan sized ass has gotten a few more miles in 2011 that it did in 2012. We plan (as usual) a casually deliberate pace, but this really only serves to mean we will be regrouping for the people that don’t bring maps or that decide to drop @eightzero, their Garmin 705 armed buddy (I’m looking at you, @frank.) Pre-ride revelry on Friday will be discussed in the comments, as well as post ride amenities to be researched by @eightzero and Mrs/Dr Eightzero.

We ride. VLVV.

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Date - October 13, 2012
9:05 AM - 3:00 PM

Island Coffee House and Books

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