Zwarte V-Bibs


La Vie Velominatus speaks through you when clad in the Zwarte V-Bibs; not only do they Look Fantastic, but they Ride Fantastic as well. Made of a heavy lycra sourced from the finest supplier in Italy, they are designed to support your muscles to enhance your ability to lay down The V and maximize your endurance. View the size chart.

Pronounce It Correctly: Zwarte (Z-wärt ‘uh)

The Pre-Orders is currently closed. The manufacturing time will be between 6 and 8 weeks; upon completion of the order, items will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to your address using the postal system. Email our order manager with any questions. The next Pre-Order window will open in December 2015.
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Product Description

According to ancient Velominati traditions, when first donning the V-Kit, the disciple is to visualize the Cannibal, resplendent in a vintage Molteni Arcore winter trainer and make the Secret Sign of the Merckx. Remember: be a good cycling ambassador and always represent La Vie Velominatus when wearing the V-Kit.

The V-Kit is custom-made for Velominati by Kallisto, out of a small 6 person workshop. Unlike most production facilities, speed isn’t the most important aspect, quality is what they are about and what Velominati strives for in every piece of kit we sell.

Kallisto Sportswear was founded by Peter Mazur, a Canadian born former professional cyclist. Peter is a former World Time Trial Champion and multiple Polish Champion with over 20 years of cycling experience.

The cut of our jersey and bibs are extremely anatomic for on-the-bike comfort and durability. This is amazing, top-qualitiy stuff. Look deep into your soul and then deep into the sizing chart; this is race fit gear; no vanity sizing here.

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs

Dark design with orange accents.

Action micro fabric in the saddle contact area provides durability

Flat-seam construction throughout short; No inner-leg seam

Giro++ single-layer engineered gripper

Heavy lycra for muscular support and enhanced endurance

View the size chart

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