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And so it was said. Artwork: Frank D. Strack

The Ancients dedicated a Velomiskrit prayer to the Prophet, who cast into the rock of Mount Velomis, The Rules.

It is customary for a Velominatus to repeat this prayer prior to embarking on each ride in order to ensure safe passage and laying down of The V. The prayer should be closed by a moment of silence and flashing the Secret Sign of the Merckx.

The Prophet’s Prayer

Our hardman who art in Belgium
Eddy be thy name
thy cobbles come, thy hands are numb
from pavé
as it isn’t heaven.

Give us this day our daily V (five),
and forgive us our Rule violations,
as we drop those who attack against us,
lead us not off our line
but deliver us from Anti-V.

For thine is the big ring,
and the power, and the glory,
for Eddy and ever.


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