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Anatomy Of A Photo: Point And Shoot

Anatomy Of A Photo: Point And Shoot

by brett / May 23 2014 / 36 posts

“You ruined a heap of photos!” Not the words you want to hear when the photos in question are ones you didn’t shoot, but were in. “How?” “You’re too low, too compressed.” At least he didn’t say I was ugly. “And you’re ugly.”

When you work with professional photographers, you pick up a few tricks of the trade along the way (and then reject them, it seems). ‘Ride slow, look fast’ is a favourite tip, but usually just ends up with me looking like someone who is slow and desperately trying to look fast, but just looking slow. Getting your elbows, knees, ass and eyes all pointing in the correct (but completely different) directions is something that comes easily for gifted riders, and not at all for the rest of us.

Joe Breeze don’t need no tips on how to look perfect for the camera. He just tells the photographer where to stand, then lays down a one-take lesson in feet-up drift cornering technique that remains the benchmark to this day. His clothes, hair and moustache, well they deserve a complete chapter in the Book of Cool all their own.

Modern mountain bikes may have come a long way, but clothing could do worse than take some cues from the 70s (not just for biking, either). This is the way to dress for a ride. Just make sure you’ve got Breeze-perfect form to back it up.

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