Rouleur, Issue 16

Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle showing his Zed colors.

Getting each new copy of Rouleur is almost a religious experience. It is printed on heavy paper, and has a particular smell about it; the pages are printed with a mat finish, so the heavy, rough pages feel a certain way in your hands as you turn them. There is no other periodical that I'm aware of that has the same feel to it; reading each issue is an experience unto itself.

Issue 16 came yesterday, and it has some incredible features, including a retrospective on Team Z – one of the coolest teams ever – and a history of Shimano – one of the most iconic component manufacturers in cycling.

As I thumbed the pages through my first pass of the content, I took some photos in an effort to share the experience.

Of course, you'll have to order one for yourself for the full effect.

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23 Replies to “Rouleur, Issue 16”

  1. Rouleur magazine looks like a work of art. Me, being magazine freak, should check it out – since I’ve never seen an actual issue. If I remember, the subscription price was kind of steep, and it’s not exactly on the Barnes and Noble rack to sneek a peek.

    If I did subscribe – just what I need – another pile of mags in the house. I have so many back issues of various magazines already, could open a small library.

    Oh, but what a cool library indeed…..

  2. @Dan O
    Despite the fact that I refer to this as a magazine myself, it’s really a periodical – one you hold on to for sure. One is not to think of this as merely another “pile of mags”. I cherish them.

    Since you’re in Seattle, Branford Bike off Broadway in Seattle rents out their complete collection of Rouleur. I think you pick up the set in a musette bag. I call that the “puppy-dog” sell.

  3. I would ask to borrow Frank’s when he is done reading them, but I suspect the pages would stick together…

  4. @Frank

    I didn’t mean to diminish Rouleur as just another magazine – even though I consider some “magazines” as great reflections on the sport and lifestyle and in some cases, define it. From what I see, Rouleur looks awesome.

    I didn’t know about the Branford Bike loaner deal. I may have to check that out. Thanks for the tip.

  5. @jim
    Dude, if I hadn’t just wandered over to the Olympic Medal Ceremony in Whistler and watched Bode Miller pick up the Bronze I’d be way more pissed about that comment.

    Oh, and I’d also be more pissed if I didn’t realize you’re a little bit right.

  6. @Dan O
    Oh, I know you weren’t calling Roueur “just another magazine”. I mean, that’s what the “Mark as Spam” button in WordPress is for. That kind of comment wouldn’t see the light of day on the Velominati.

    Branford, oddly enough, was pointed out to me by John, who doesn’t live in Seattle. They used to be an East-coast shop and moved here. Very cool and worth checking out. But not as cool as Speedy Reedy.

  7. So with two races on the Arabian peninsula that draw big names, when will we start seeing professional riders from that part of the world in European races?

  8. @Marko
    That’s really interesting. West Africa has a bunch of racers and races, but I’ve never seen an Arabian racing cyclist. Interesting that they would hold two of the major early season events.

  9. @frank

    Damn! $120 bucks for 6 issues!!! Unless this is the official written “word” of the Velominati, that is some serious cash. I could buy entire WCP 2010 Spring Classic DVD collection for that kind of money! I currently subscribe to Cyclesport and love that. What is “Rouleur” all about?

  10. @Buck Rogers

    Buck Rogers:

    brett :
    @Buck Rogers
    Well, it ain’t frickin CycleSport for a start! Whole different world.

    Point taken after reading Frank’s “La Volupte” post. Sounds like an amazing “periodical” for lack of a better term.

    Right you are. It’s pretty close to being the Official Word. I have every issue except number one; if I only had one subscription, this would be the one. As much as I love watching bike races, you’ll learn a he’ll of a lot more from those blokes about the history of the sport than you do from watching a bike race.

    Cyclesport is good, but is absolutely on a different planet from Rouleur; no comparison.

  11. @frank

    Thanks, but is it ever ok to wear? Retro jersey night at the races. I was thinking of wearing it next year to race as I’m probably going to ride unattached.

  12. @frank

    Alright, bit the bullet and ordered 5 back issues of Rouleur. They should be arriving at about the same time I get home from Iraq. Now THAT should be a nice welcome home present!

  13. @michael

    Thanks, but is it ever ok to wear? Retro jersey night at the races. I was thinking of wearing it next year to race as I’m probably going to ride unattached.

    Old team kit has always been a gray area for me. I’ve always felt like I’m stealing something I didn’t deserve when wearing team kit of an active team, but old kit is more like a homage thing.

    That said, if you’re racing, modern gear will wear much better; breathe better, wick better, full zippers, etc. If you’re racing unattached, there is a fine kit we can recommend you race in, of course.

  14. @frank
    I’d only wear the Z jersey when weather would warrant it. I’m holding off on any Official Velominati Gearâ„¢ for now as I’m afraid of being labeled a metrosexual douchebag poser. Until I’m secure enough in my ruralness I’ll have to pass.

  15. @michael
    That’s certainly understandable. Also, we’re now working the the Media and Marketing teams to redesign our logos as a variation on the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

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