Velominati Super Prestige: Milano Sanremo 2017

Well, that didn’t go as expected. It was over a month ago the last time I wrote an article and every day since then, I’ve thought a thought something along the lines of, “Tomorrow, I write.” The funny thing about Tomorrow is that it never comes. My favorite band, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, even wrote a song about it back when I was still impressionable and even then I didn’t catch onto the whole “Today, I write” concept.

Daylight Savings happened over here. That’s always a big deal for me because now I’m officially able to ride after work without headlights. Which, if I was riding as much as I should, would be very important to me. Which I’m not. Although I have to say I’m stunned by how strong I am every time I do manage to ride my bike. And how incredible it feels to hurt. Afterwards, my legs remind me of this life. It is an important voyage back to the mothership, even when I’m not able to make as many visits as I’d like.

Like family.

Milano Sanremo is on Saturday, and I’m ashamed to say we haven’t sorted out the prizes yet for this year’s edition, though there certainly will be some. As it turns out, a free frame to the winner is not always a welcome thing in terms of cash outlay to get the bike up and running so we’re looking at some other options this go around. In any case, we have a cracking edition on our hands. Based on the racing so far this year, either everyone is clean or everyone is on the next thing – either way, the racing is spot-the-fuck-on. Can’t wait to see what the riders are going to pull out.

I’m behind on updating the schedule but will do any day now. Keep on holding your breath. Rest assured, get your picks in by the time the clock goes to zero and you’ll get your points. Good luck and more than anything – have fun! And now for some regularity on the whole writing bit. Not that that’s why you lot come around here.

[vsp_results id=”103998″/]

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211 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Milano Sanremo 2017”


    1. SAGAN, Peter
    2. GAVIRIA, Fernando
    3. CAVENDISH, Mark
    4. DEGENKOLB, John
    5. DEBUSSCHERE, Jens

    1. John Degenkolb
    2. Peter Sagan
    3. Arnaud Démare
    4. Michal Kwiatkowski
    5. Caleb Ewan
  3. Yes…


    1. Sagan, Peter
    2. Kwiatkowski, Michal
    3. Degenkolb, John
    4. Van Avermaet, Greg
    5. Gaviria, Fernando
  4. Ahhh, all is right in the universe again! I have a new bike, the 237 k RVV is in just over two weeks and the VSP is up and running! And better yet, I can have a drink at RVV (no booze until Flanders)


    1. Peter Fucking Sagan
    2. Backseat Rider Demare
    3. Diarrhea Gaviria
    4. Cabbage head Degenkolb
    5. Kumquatski
  5. So having actually read the scattered characters that you put down under the awesome picture I see that there might have been problems/complaints from someone about winning a free frame from a free website after playing a free-to-enter competition???

    Dear Jesus, Mary, and Joseph tell me that is not what happened.


    1. Peter Fucking Sagan
    2. Backseat Rider Demare
    3. Diarrhea Gaviria
    4. Cabbage head Degenkolb
    5. Kumquatski
  6. @Buck Rogers

    I have a week longer than I had in my minds eye to top off some early season fitness before RVV.


    1. viviani
    2. demare
    3. gaviria
    4. van av I mate
    5. sagan

    1. Peter Gummy Bear Sagan
    2. Fernando Gaviria
    3. Alexander Kristoff
    4. Arnaud Demare
    5. Sacha Modolo
  8. It’s a shame Greipel seems to have given up on this race. He can handle the distance, he’s just had some bad luck over the years here and rarely gotten to the last climb without having spent energy recovering from a puncture or a crash.


    1. Gaviria
    2. Sagan
    3. Kristoff
    4. Degenkolb
    5. Matthews
  9. Looking forward to the sprinters having their day stolen away.


    1. Sagan, Peter
    2. Demare, Arnaud
    3. Van Avermaet, Greg
    4. Kwiatowski, Michal
    5. Alaphillippe, Julian
  10. Large bunch sprinter teams

    will get them over the Poggio and a leader who can descend will take the day.


    1. Mark Cavendish
    2. Alexander Kristoff
    3. John Degenkolb
    4. Arnaud Demare
    5. Elai Viviani
  11. Oh Hells yeah. It is on.


    1. Greg Van Avermaet
    2. Alexander Kristoff
    3. Nacer Bouhanni
    4. Peter Sagan
    5. Ben Swift


    VSP Picks

    1. Sagan, Peter

    2. Demare, Arnaud

    3.Van Avermaet, Greg

    4. Kwiatowski, Michal

    5. Alaphillippe, Julian

  13. Woohoo!!  VSP is back!  Good luck, everyone.


    1. Sagan
    2. Matthews
    3. GVA
    4. Demare
    5. Kristoff
  14. VSP PICKS:

    1. Fernando Gaviria
    2. Peter Sagan
    3. Alexander Kristoff
    4. John Degenkolb
    5. Michael Matthews
  15. About f*cking time! I’m actually rooting for Sagz to win but just think the Quick Step train may be just enough to put Gaviria over the top. And I wouldn’t be unhappy if he did win. But, as we all know, La Primavera (or La Classicissima, if you prefer) is a real crap shoot.

    Also, as far as I can tell, MSR isn’t being streamed on BeIN Sports or any other outlet that I have access to in the US. FFS! I guess I’ll just have to watch whatever video SteephillTV has after the race.


    1. Fernando Gaviria
    2. Peter Sagan
    3. John Degenkolb
    4. Arnaud Demare
    5. Mark Cavendish
  16. VSP PICKS:

    1. You’ve got to dream; Cav
    2. More likely; Sagan
    3. Possible Probable; Gavira
    4. Maybe, who knows; Degenkolb
    5. Don’t let go of the fucking Car
  17. Snowy is unsure how this race will play out…


    1. Sagan
    2. Gaviria
    3. Degenkolb
    4. Kristoff
    5. Demare

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