Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen 2012

Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen 2012

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The Velominati Super-Prestige continues with our second Women’s event of 2012, the Women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen. This one is made even more exciting for me by the fact that I now have some small connection to the Women’s Tibco Racing Team, as I watched with envy as they each pulled their bikes off the oversized baggage carrousel in Schiphol. Classy girls, each of them; they were really having a good time laughing in the giggly kind of way you can only understand if you’ve ever been jet lagged.

Sadly, this gives me no insight whatsoever into who might or might not be within a chance of winning the event, or placing in the top V. But be that as it may, get your VSP picks in by the time the countdown counter drops to zero for a chance to win the Women’s VSP. Winner of this VSP event will earn the right to comment all year with the Leeuw van Vlaanderen commenting badge. We will also forgo the usual Symbol Pack prize awarded to a Monument and award the winner a copy of the local newspaper the day after the race.

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  1. Kirsten Wild is 4th, behind Arndt (1st), Armstrong (2nd) and Numainville (3th). I don’t know who’s 5th yet.

  2. Result Ronde van Vlaanderen voor Vrouen
    1. Judith Arndt (Ger) GreenEdge-AIS
    2. Kristin Armstrong (USA) United States National Team @ 2s
    3. Jöelle Numainville (Can) Canadian National Team @ 30s
    4. Kirsten Wild (Ned) AA
    5. Adrie Visser (Ned) Skil-1t4i

  3. @gaswepass

    Ugh. Picked 1 of 5. And not even right spot. And to think I drink all that Belgian beer last note to pay homage…

    so much so that my typing next day reflected it. but an mtb ride in asheville and some recovery hair of the dog make mo betta (feel not write)

  4. Womens race was fucking awesome as well, they came ripping by us in the big ring too. What the fuck.

    Final Race Results
    1. ARNDT Judith
    2. ARMSTRONG Kristin
    3. NUMAINVILLE Joelle
    4. WILD Kirsten
    5. VISSER Adrie

    Final VSP Results
    1. RedRanger (8 points)
    2. Mikael Liddy (8 points)
    3. Rigid (8 points)
    4. Gerard (5 points)
    5. Netraam (3 points)
    6. Fausto (3 points)
    7. motor city (3 points)
    8. Dino (3 points)
    9. The Fish (3 points)
    10. Alex (3 points)
    11. Pedale.Forchetta (2 points)
    12. noiyce (2 points)
    13. Calmante (2 points)
    14. San Tonio (2 points)
    15. Oldschooly (2 points)
    16. CanuckChuck (2 points)
    17. itburns (2 points)
    18. acciaio (2 points)
    19. calves (2 points)
    20. dancollins (2 points)
    21. LA Dave (2 points)
    22. Lepidopterist (2 points)
    23. Trobs (2 points)
    24. payaso (2 points)
    25. Danger (2 points)
    26. Marcus (2 points)
    27. Aidas (1 points)
    28. taon24 (1 points)
    29. Sam (1 points)
    30. Two Ball Billy (1 points)
    31. mouse (1 points)
    32. SimonH (1 points)
    33. wiscot (1 points)
    34. Nosyt (1 points)
    35. simonsaunders (1 points)
    36. Cyclops (1 points)
    37. TOM.NELS2120 (1 points)
    38. LastBoyScout (1 points)
    39. VeloVita (1 points)
    40. Chappy McPappystackings (1 points)
    41. scaler911 (1 points)
    42. Louutah (1 points)
    43. sgraha (1 points)
    44. King Clydesdale (1 points)
    45. draffenator (1 points)
    46. xyxax (1 points)
    47. 936adl (1 points)
    48. el gato (1 points)
    49. paolo (1 points)
    50. Anjin-san (1 points)
    51. diablo (1 points)
    52. Dan_R (1 points)
    53. gaswepass (1 points)
    54. Heihachi (1 points)
    55. Lukas (1 points)
    56. napolinige (1 points)
    57. Geordi (1 points)
    58. snoov (1 points)
    59. Islandbike (1 points)
    60. roadslave (1 points)
    61. Mikeweb (1 points)
    62. R00tdown (1 points)
    63. Gianni (1 points)
    64. Bill (1 points)
    65. JC Belgium (1 points)
    66. Blah (1 points)
    67. Adrian (1 points)
    68. nico (1 points)
    69. Mikel Pearce (1 points)
    70. Jay (1 points)
    71. Simon (1 points)
    72. stenbak (1 points)
    73. tomb (1 points)
    74. bkwentz (1 points)
    75. G'phant (1 points)
    76. Benj (1 points)
    77. Jonny (0 points)
    78. Azzurri Tim (0 points)
    79. Ankush (0 points)
    80. il ciclista medio (0 points)
    81. TomC (0 points)
    82. harminator (0 points)
    83. GProsser (0 points)
    84. Buck Rogers (0 points)
    85. razmaspaz (0 points)
    86. Flying Crowbar (0 points)
    87. tony macaroni (0 points)
    88. eightzero (0 points)
    89. godsight (0 points)
    90. Ron (0 points)
    91. roger (0 points)
    92. mattd (0 points)
    93. niksch (0 points)
    94. nathan (0 points)
    95. Tobin (0 points)
    96. DerHoggz (0 points)
    97. MJ Moquin (0 points)
    98. zac (0 points)
    99. brett (0 points)
    100. Bianchi Denti (0 points)
    101. Erik (0 points)
    102. ramenvelo (0 points)
    103. Skip (0 points)
    104. Chris (0 points)
    105. The Oracle (0 points)
    106. pakrat (0 points)
    107. Nate (0 points)
    108. seemunkee (0 points)
    109. ChrisO (0 points)
    110. Xponti (0 points)

    111. Belgian Cobblestones (0 points)

  5. Proof.

    (click for full size big ring awesomeness)

  6. 94 people got 0 points

  7. @frank
    think I got two points? Am sure this is hugely interesting to you in Flanders

  8. @Belgian Cobblestones
    Non of my
    Picks were counted. I’m guessing that’s the same for many.

  9. @frank
    The points tally for the women must not be right. I had two of the top 5 picked but I didn’t get any points. Maybe I don’t understand the point system?? dancollins

  10. I look good in pink! Still think the others need to dispute their picks.

  11. @dancollins
    Dispute your picks and we’ll sort it.

  12. I should have a point for having Arndt in the Top V

  13. I should have a point for Armstrong in the Top V.

  14. WOW! Did I just get my ass handed to me by the Women’s race or what?!?! Guess I need to do a bit more research before the next one!

  15. Kirsten Wild on place 4 proving to be a lucky pick this time!

  16. @RedRanger
    Chapeau if it holds up.

  17. Arrgghh, only one in the top 5 adn my pick of Armstrong was a complete, “oh what the hell…”

    As a Canadian, I feel like a complete tool for not picking Joelle. But she did us proud, if I didn’t

  18. @Nate

    Chapeau if it holds up.

    I hope it does also. Thanks.

  19. Disputing: Picked Arndt in top five, no points. Have fun sorting it from the tour, or leave it ’til you get back.

  20. Interesting that despite picking Judith Arndt in top spot I’m only getting one point for having Armstrong in the top 5…has the VSP scoring been on the Tripels as well?

  21. @Blah

    Disputing: Picked Arndt in top five, no points. Have fun sorting it from the tour, or leave it ’til you get back.

    Ditto here. Picked Arndt in top 5 – that gets me a point, non?

  22. @wiscot @Blah looks like any pick of Arndt hasn’t registered with the scorers…

  23. @Mikael Liddy
    Then the win should go to you since you put that pick in before me. Congrats.

  24. @wiscot


    Disputing: Picked Arndt in top five, no points. Have fun sorting it from the tour, or leave it ’til you get back.

    Ditto here. Picked Arndt in top 5 – that gets me a point, non?


  25. @RedRanger
    probably depends if anyone else put Arndt on the top spot & has more than one other point…plus I can’t post with both the MSR badge & the ladies’ RVV one so you might get to keep the pink.

  26. I think I get a point for Wild

  27. @paolo

    I think I get a point for Wild

    Yep, me too

  28. Don’t tell me what you’re missing in the comments. That’s what the dispute mechanism is for, use it please.

    For those of you who did dispute your picks, they should be fixed. I’m not going through the comments and trying to figure out from that which of you are missing points, FYI.

  29. @frank
    That dispute mechanism is cool.

  30. @Marcus

    ermmm…dispute mechanism? How do I do that then? I looked all over but I am a bit bloody useless with computer stuff..

  31. Found it…

  32. @RedRanger

    @Mikael Liddy
    Then the win should go to you since you put that pick in before me. Congrats.

    Looks like you’re still keeping the pink lion, congrats.

    To be honest I wouldn’t really want a Schleck-esque win after the event when the winner on the day has already had the jersey presented. That & I like my little Italian symbol.

  33. Arndt points baby. Daddy want.

  34. Also had Wild in 4th but no points awarded – one for when you get back from the KT I think!

  35. @paolo
    Dispute mechanism? Really? Or is this April Fools joke. Not that Frank needs to be worried a point while on the KT.

  36. Dispute mechanism?

    I like to let the race organizers do their job and let the results sit as posted. If you get moved up because somebody was relagated for not keeping their line on the bunch sprint, so be it. But complaining about a result seems so unV to me…

    Suck it up and get on with the next race, pumpkin.

  37. Or as Carlos Sastre say, “don’t talk to me about no dropped chain…”

  38. @draffenator

    Tiz no joke. If I can find it even a one eyed pig with no sense of smell can find it. However if you send me a picture of a five dollar bill I will tell all! Not a fake picture either a real picture…

  39. Who do I talk to about my missing 1 point from the women’s race? I need all the help I can get.

  40. Disputing: Picked Arndt in top five, no points.

  41. @el gato

    Me! I’m a bleedin’ expert now.

    Look at your picks above this box where you post. Click on the little upside down black triangle. You will see the dispute option in red. Click it. The rest you can figure out.

    You now owe me Ten Shillings. I want it in old pennies in a bag…send me a picture of the cash so I know that you’re real. Dan R…you owe me a picture of five quid!

    Sleep deprivation is weird eh? I worked all weekend, slept for two hours this am then did 105K…I feel odd. Elated and altered.

  42. @tomb

    Dispute it proper fashion like…no comments. Frank won’t take diputes in comments form! Follow the steps in my previous post.

  43. @paolo

    Who actually reads this stuff?

    Actually on my iPad the new mobile profile makes it a bit dicky to read the threads well. See it now and disputed correctly.

  44. @tomb


    Who actually reads this stuff?

    You for one. Apparently!

  45. @paolo
    done and done, thanks @paolo. I believe I’m a bit short but i may be able to dig up some other random European monies to satisfy my debt.

  46. @el gato

    Dude thats fucking awesome, we are square in my book or we will be when I buy you a beer on a cogal one day. Good job bruv!

  47. @paolo
    Thanks for that. Had no idea dispute existed for that reason.
    I thought dispute was for when you state your pick as something stupid like “Squeaky Voiced Tiny Jockey Manchild” meaning Gerrans and the system thinks you meant Evans.

  48. @Blah

    Course you could just simplify the whole process by saing Evans..or Gerrans.

    But next weekend if I were you as my # 1 pick I’d say Hushovd coz if you don’t your gonna be crying in your fosters.

  49. @paolo


    Course you could just simplify the whole process by saing Evans..or Gerrans.

    But next weekend if I were you as my # 1 pick I’d say Hushovd coz if you don’t your gonna be crying in your fosters.

    Geeze if you’re drinking Fosters you’ll likely be crying into it no matter who you pick.

    As for the names – yes, I pretty much just use the names. I have no idea who some people are picking with some of the more esoteric monickers used.

  50. @Blah

    Fosters would never touch my lips. This week use the name Hushovd. I’m tellin yer..It came to me in a dream. Hushovd wins in s sprint finish in the velodrome. I got a considerable bet with Ladbrokes on this.

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