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Richard Ainsworth, Rigid

A proud male New Zeelander (, from a country that shares a border with a strip of Belgium. I grew up hard and tough riding a Chopper with a red flag around the coastal roads of New Plymouth before being towed to Wellington by parents. 40 years old currently, I still have a lasting love affair with cycles that I'm hoping will be eternal - A-Merckx. No. 1 Bike is a TIME Proteam with Campa Shamals

When we announced Keepers Tour 2012, one of the first to put up his hand and pony up for the Cobbled Classics experience was my good mate Rigid. When I first met this Wellington rider four or five years ago, his enthusiasm for cycling (on and off-road) was evident, but his grasp on the finer points of The Rules needed a polish; like any good Pedalw...