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Terrorism at work against cancer.

Velominati: Terrahist

by frank / Jul 27 2012 / 36 posts

PayPal has decided to classify Velominati as a “Terrorist Organization” because we accepted contributions last week from community members to support the fight against cancer – without being an accredited non-profit organization. So much for trying to do the “right thing”.

While I’m sure they have their internal processes and reasons for this action given the current global climate, it nevertheless boggles the mind that they have such difficulty distinguishing between terrorism and terminal illness, despite the documentation I provided to the contrary. For those of you who donated to the Zoo Hill Climb for Cancer, please know that Velominati made the contribution in the full amount pledged by the community; unfortunately your donation has been refunded to you as demanded by PayPal in order to restore our account to good standing.

God Bless ‘Merca.

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