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Gelukkig Sinterklaas

by frank / Dec 6 2012 / 59 posts

December 6th is possibly the biggest holiday of the year for the Dutch. We put out our shoe, we write gedichten, we play pranks on each other, and we exchange gifts. As luck would have it, the good old Sint made a stop by the Velominati Headquarters in Seattle and left me an absurdly large bottle of dry lube; the the point where I felt like I need to explain what it is for. (I use a lot of that stuff, you know, on my chain – because I ride in the rain every day this time of year. I swear.)

Take a dive into the archives and have a look at our 2010 article on the subject for a full background on why December 6th is the real Christmas and why the Dutch (and I assume at least the Belgians) rule so much harder at holidays than the rest of the world, except maybe the Jewish community, since they figured out how to make the gift-giving last an entire month and everyone knows that’s pretty hard-core.

In any case, from the bottom of my heart, thanks to everyone in our humble little community, and I wish you each a Gelukkig Sinterklaas.

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