Velominati Super Prestige: Giro d’Italia 2017

I spy with my little eye a certain Michele Scarponi, who sadly lost his life while out training near his home two weeks ago, in there amongst his teammates after his captain, Nibbles, won the race. I’m torn about a death like Michele’s – we subject ourselves to similar risks every time we climb aboard our bikes and we accept it as part and parcel of our craft. Yet, while every day members of our tribe lose their lives to their trade, it takes a high profile rider to remind us how real that risk is.

But onto lighter topics, Nibali won the Giro last year going downhill, and it happened on the one stage I managed to sleep through which is another way of saying I missed it. But I love waking up to a that WTF feeling only a reshuffled GS can give you.

The race starts Friday morning, which is sooner than I expected, so I’ll stop typing so you can start picking. Get them in by the time the clock goes to zero, and remember that our Grand Tour scoring rules are a little different than the smaller events. So jump on that start list and get prognosticating!

Good luck!

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410 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Giro d’Italia 2017”

  1. Sorry, entry/modification for this VSP event is currently closed. If you already entered, enter your email address to view current picks.

    @Frank, little help?

  2. I love the big names, the big hype, and the big fanfare of Le Tour. I love the scenery of more southern climes, the chance to watch future grand tour stars, and the overall vibe of La Vuelta. But, for me, nothing is as thoroughly enjoyable as the Giro. It’s a proper tour this year, too, with both the big islands and a route most of the way from south to north. The list of potential GC podium finishers is long, too. Fingers crossed for a great 100th.

    The selections machinery being down just gives me more time to change my mind another 10 times about the 3-5 slots…

  3. @stooge

    The selections machinery being down just gives me more time to change my mind another 10 times about the 3-5 slots…

    yup .. only the #1 is more or less obvious ..

  4. @Phillip Mercer

    Zakarin has been really impressive, barring that bad crash, in the last couple of editions. I think he’s a good chance for a top 5.

    Sky seem to be going with Landa as plan B to Thomas. Weird, given Landa’s 3 week record and that there doesn’t seem to be that much separating them on form. Bummer for Viviani too miss out because of it. Landa seems like a safer bet than Thomas, but gee whiz, who knows.

    What to make of Pinot’s chances? It’s a good field. Can’t wait.

  5. @stooge

    Just taking a closer look at the stages. Stage 16 is hilarious. The Mortirolo looks like a warm up climb in profile.

    They’re going the easy way up Mortirolo from Monno…12k at around 7.5%

    The Pantani route from Mazzo is 11.5k at 11%.

    But I take your point. Warm up for a double Stelvio! Pozzovivo FTW.

  6. Sorry, entry/modification for this VSP event is currently closed.’

    Is this temporary?

  7. May not get a chance to submit picks if I wait. Can’t wait for this Giro… the route, the field. Should be one for the ages.

    1. Quintana

    2. Yates

    3. Nibali

    4. Dumoulin

    5. Linda

  8. @stooge

    True, I can’t help but feel there will be pressure on Thomas to save something for Froome in France.

  9. @Phillip Mercer


    True, I can’t help but feel there will be pressure on Thomas to save something for Froome in France.

    I don’t think anyone expects G to win it, anyway. But his form seems good.

    Having such a strong squad means that Sky can go with 2 leaders. Good insurance for crashes, and means the other teams have 2 threats to watch (bit like Valverde and Quintana for Movistar).

  10. I checked in last night when this must have just gone up and there were still zero posts and now this morning it’s still:

    Sorry, entry/modification for this VSP event is currently closed. If you already entered, enter your email address to view current picks.

    @frank is going to Delgado all of us!

  11. Well, for posterity, my picks are:

    1. Quintana

    2. Nibali

    3. Yates

    4. Kruiswijk

    5. Zakarin

  12. Just in case entry never actually opens:

    1.  Nibali

    2.  Quintana

    3.  Pinot

    4.  Zakarin

    5.  Dumoulin

  13. VSP entry:

    1. Nairo Quintana

    2. Vincenzo Nibali

    3. Tom Dumoulin

    4. Thibout Pinot

    5. Mikel Landa

  14. 1) Nairo Quintana

    2) Thibot Pinot

    3) Adam Yates

    4) Geraint Thomas

    5) Bob Jungels

  15. I’ll join in, just for the hell of..

    1. Quintana

    2. Kruijswijk

    3. G

    4. Dumoulin

    5. Nibali

  16. Frahnk!  Your site is drunk again!


    1:  Quintana

    2: Nibali

    3: Kruijswijk

    4: Pinot

    5: Mollema

  17. VSP Entry


    1.V. Nibali

    2.  N. Quintana

    3. G. Thomas

    4. T. Pinot

    5. B. Mollema

  18. VSP entry from a sunny Scotland (that’s 3 days running, summer is here)

    1. Nairo Quintana

    2. Vicenzo Nibali

    3. Geraint Thomas

    4. Thibaut Pinot

    5. Adam Yates

    I reserve the right to change my mind when the VSP reopens.

  19. VSP until the system actually works:

    1) Nairo – simply the best – Quintaninho

    2) Stefan – no salto’s this time- Kruiswijk

    3) Thibout – little duckface- Pinot

    4) Tom – the Windmill- Dumoulin

    5) Bouke – always has a bad day- Mollema


  20. preview of my VSP picks for the 2017 Giro:


    1 Nairo Quintana


    2 Vincenzo Nibali


    3 Tom Dumoulin


    4 Steven Kruijswijk


    5 Bauke Mollema

  21. Still closed for entry, so:

    1.  Nibbles

    2.  Quintana

    3.  Adam Yates

    4.  Pinot

    5.  Kruijswijk

  22. Still closed, just in case:

    QUINTANA ROJAS Nairo Alexander

    NIBALI Vincenzo

    THOMAS Geraint



  23. Oh no, technical difficulties!

    I’m going left-field as my VSP run is all but over already (I Delgadoed both Flèche races).

    1. Gee
    2. Kruijswijk
    3. Yates, A.
    4. Nibbles
    5. Pinot
  24. I can’t leave out Zakarin.

    1. N. Quintana
    2. Mollema
    3. Zakarin
    4. Krijswick
    5. G. Thomas


  25. If I’m not permanently cast unto the autobus for Delgado’ing the last couple of years worth of Superprestiges, I’ll have a red hot crack.

    1. N (Jesus) Quintana, ‘Cos dios mio, he can roll man….

    2. Geraint T.


    4. Dumoulin

    5. Yates

  26. @Harminator – If they’re rolling down the Mortirolo the hard way, there’s going to be a lot of peeps wishing they had disc brakes. The air will be redolent with the aromes of nibbling harris’ and burnt crabon.

  27. One of the favourites is going to crash out or give up or get sick or something, so I’m going to totally punt that’s his Nibbleness


    1 Nayearo (as Kelly calls him)

    2 Yates (A), yeah

    3  G

    4 Pinot

    5 Dumoulin


  28. Tips in case I miss it when the system is open. Might change them when it opens though  hard to leave out Pinot


    1 Nairo Quintana

    2 Nibbles

    3 Kruijswijk

    4 Mollema

    5 Yates


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