The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple

The Rules is an essential part of every cyclist’s kit whether you’re riding to work or training to be the next Greg LeMond or Marianne Vos. Since 2009, Velominati has become an online cycling mecca, where The Rules helped to guide Cyclists towards The Way of the Cycling Disciple.

In this book, the Keepers go beyond The Rules as they exist on; we’ve organized them into V sections, and wrote exclusive new content surrounding each of the 95 canonical Rules. We share tips on gear, tell stories from cycling’s legendary hardmen, and enforce the etiquette of the road with a healthy, often sinister sense of humor.

Practical and motivating, unflinching and authoritative, The Rules will help Cyclists everywhere find a passion to do the most important thing of all: love riding your bike, and keep riding your bike.

The US release represents a refreshed from the UK edition released last June; the Prologue has been given a facelift and Greg LeMond – the only American Tour de France winner – graciously wrote the Foreword. The US Release also contains four Rules which were not included in the UK release; two of them appeared on the site as they were divined, but the other two were reserved for the release of the book.

US edition available for sale May 5th, 2014 – with new Rules and a new Foreword by Greg LeMond, the only American Tour de France winner.

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Additional Photos:
[productphoto thumbnail=”” photo=”” caption=”The end papers – UK Edition”/][productphoto thumbnail=”” photo=”” caption=”Rule #41 detail – UK Edition”/][productphoto thumbnail=”” photo=”” caption=”Back cover – UK Edition”/]

Book Details:


ISBN 978-0-393-24219-5

12.7 x  17.8 cm (5 x 7.8 in) / 288 pages

4 Replies to “The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple”

  1. Was wondering if you would be allowing those who have the original book (on bedside cabinet) to see new rules and importantly the introduction by the Enlightened One – Greg Lemond?

    He is the single reason why I ride, race and coach the V

  2. – with new Rules and a new Foreword by Greg LeMond, the only American Tour de France winner.

    Pure (V) Gold

  3. With respect, you need a proper ebook of this title. In case you hadn’t noticed, cyclists don’t carry hardback books but do carry their phones. The Kindle title does not have a working index or table of contents. Also, having bought the Kindle edition i have discovered that it is android only and cannot be read on my pc or synced with other devices.

    Many times i have wanted to reference the rules and been hamstrung by having to scroll through the whole book.

    Email me if you get this done and i will happily buy it again, as this is a brilliant book.

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