Merckxy Christmas and Coppi New Year!

Merckxy Christmas and a Coppi New Year!
Merckxy Christmas and a Coppi New Year!

To each of you in our Community, we’d like to thank you for making Velominati a worthwhile place to visit and be a part of. Velominati, as most of you know, is a passion project that is borne of our nights and weekends, to be juggled between full time jobs, family, friends, and our first love – riding our bikes. And it is only because of the Community’s great participation and injection of the spirit that embodies La Vie Velominatus that it continues to be a huge source of enjoyment and fun for each of the Keepers to maintain.

On behalf of the Keepers, we wish you all a very, very Merckxy Christmas and a Coppi New Year. Merxk bless you all; here’s to an even greater 2014.


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34 Replies to “Merckxy Christmas and Coppi New Year!”

  1. And a Merckxy Christmas, Coppi New Year, and my thanks to the Keepers and the community! Go for a ride!

  2. @RedRanger

    I’ll say.  My daughters surprised me with an awesome cycling-themed t-shirt, a bunch of energy food, and this:

    My oldest made the box frame and mounted the print.  After a quick search, it seems the graphic designer, Sassan Filsoof, has some other great work too.

    Merckxy Christmas everyone.  2014 is going to be beautiful.

  3. @Optimiste That’s a absolutely fantastic gift!

    @everyone: Religious or no, this is a time of year for celebrating family and friends. It goes without saying that all y’all are family. My door is open for you anytime. Merckxy Christmas!

  4. Merckxy Christmas to all and especially to the Keepers for all the incredible energy they put into the site all year long! Hope everyone had treasures under the tree…I found a new Lazer Helium waiting for me…I’m stoked!  My new Tommasini frame is due to arrive in Portland in February so the Helium will await her arrival…definitely looking forward to the build! Best to all the Velominati on this blessed day!

  5. Happy Holidays  too everyone and I can’t wait until 2014 to start, I need to start working off some of the over indulgence I par took in this holiday .  You see I am also part of  the clean plate club as are a few of you Velominati out there. One of the rewards for being good all season Is the way I see it.

  6. @Optimiste


    I’ll say. My daughters surprised me with an awesome cycling-themed t-shirt, a bunch of energy food, and this:

    My oldest made the box frame and mounted the print. After a quick search, it seems the graphic designer, Sassan Filsoof, has some other great work too.

    Merckxy Christmas everyone. 2014 is going to be beautiful.

    Nice one, I received a similar pair of framed home made artworks from my eldest…

  7. Couple of cycling caps for me one of which is waterproof, which is most apt just at the moment over here!  Though matching waterwings could be useful too.

  8. Merckxy Christmas to one and all.  Tucked within my stocking Santa saw fit to deliver me “Tomorrow We Ride” and the DVD “Road to Roubaix”.  Early Boxing Day ride this morning in the freezing fog with a friend just about made life perfect!

  9. @Rom

    The Keepers rock. Thanks for all your great work on the site.

    This. Coppi New Year, everyone. Looking forward to 2014 cogals.

  10. My girlfriend got me this for X-mas:

    Couldn’t put it down after we got home last night. The pictures are stunning and so is the writing.

  11. New shoes for me but not here until after Xmas. also got some cash so may invest in some artwork like @RedRanger s for my new house. Looking forward to a 2014 full of riding and good health. All the best to you….

  12. Thanks to all for making this a great site – Coppi New Year!

    My Boxing Day ride was also in freezing fog, and I decided that the icy back roads were no place to be -I’d walked some parts to avoid finishing rubber side up-so I cut my losses and rode on the scenic A61.  Still glad to have got out, tells me that I really value my saddle time

  13. Are no leg days for gingerbread men the same as no chain days? What’s the back story on those bespoke tailored little dudes? They’re excellent.

    Happy festive season to all.

  14. Merckxy Christmas all

    My wife got me  the Paris-Roubaix, a Journey Through Hell book and a Lyzene 10 carbon multitool.  Multiple days of huge meals and many malty beverages will have to be paid for when I get home.

  15. @cyclebrarian

    The picture didn’t load in the above post…sorry.

    That’s better.

    It’ a great book.  Mountain High is also very good and the two make a perfect brace side by side on a bookshelf…

  16. @norm

    Happy Xmas one and all.

    My brother in law picked up a classy t shirt for me:

    This has prompted me to scoot around the world wide web looking for Christmas goodies that I did not receive so that I can feel miserable now it is all over.  Damn!  I found this and am now depressed!

  17. @Deakus

    I’ll have to check that out with Valentine’s Day coming up soon.

    I also treated myself to Sufferfest’s Downward Spiral video. Because of holiday time restraints, I only did half of it the other day, but it was pretty intense – plus, the footage is great. I can’t wait to do the whole hour and feel completely wiped out.

  18. @frank



    Click here:

    That is just too awesome. I always said I’d be hot if I was a chick.


    That quote is a misappropriation of a Conan the Barbarian quote.

    It was re quoted by Jensie…giving the correct attribution (a terry pratchett discworld novel) in an interview post race because he had to chase back on to the grupetto after a fall, on a race a organisers bike with toe clips.  He was reading the book at the time and the quote rung to mind because of the task ahead.

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