Velominati Super Prestige: Giro d’Italia Femminile Internazionale 2013

Ms. Vos  photo:Giant Bicycles
Ms. Vos photo:Giant Bicycles

This is the women’s Giro and it just happens to take place in early July, bad timing or good timing, at least the Italians step up and do a mini-Grand Tour. Here is the start list. Unfortunately we cannot be giving away more bikes and wheels for this race, but bragging rights and points are useful. Do I have any insightful things to say about this race? No, I don’t know anything about it and it’s not that I’m not interested. There is very little coverage of women’s racing that I ever see, in print or on television in the USA. I’d watch women racing in Italy. I’m not getting up at midnight to watch streaming video of it, sorry. I didn’t do that for the men’s Giro. The Tour will suck a lot of reporting over to France but hopefully there are a few sage reporters and photos who know women’s racing and Italy are a great combination.

Marianne Vos, Marianne Vos, can someone beat Marianne Vos? I like her, she seems a very nice person and a supremely gifted cyclist but really ladies, someone has to step up. I am a broken record about this. Maybe she is Ellen Merckx and no one will dominate so when she retires but I would love to see many other badass women up on the top step of the podiums too. Let it begin this Sunday. And don’t Delgado yourself out of this VSP with TdF fever.

From Giovinazzo to Cremona, the Giro Donne

Stage: 1 – 30 June : Giovinazzo – Margherita de Savioa, 124.30 km

Stage: 2 – 1 July : Pontecagnano Faiano, 99.60 km

Stage: 3 – 2 July : Cerro al Volturno , 111.60 km

Stage: 4 – 3 July : Monte San Vito – Castelfidardo, 137.20 km

Stage: 5 – 4 July : Varazze – Monte Beigua, 73.30 km

Stage: 6 – 5 July : Terme di Premia – San Domenico , 121.00 km

Stage: 7 – 6 July : Corbetta , 120.00 km

Stage: 8 – 7 July : Cremona ITT, 16.00 km


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158 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Giro d’Italia Femminile Internazionale 2013”

  1. Luperini disqualified for having a bike 100 gm under the limit, and was sitting in 2nd place.  That’s a kick in the VSP.

  2. Yep, impressive, and the ITT doesn’t look long enough to make up a big up, or?  If the US team can control Saturday like they did Friday, there might only be a couple left who are in with a shot.  None of whom are in my picks… ho-hum.

  3. OK, a time trial tomorrow. Can Vos make up all that time? I think not but these results are going to change after the dust settles tomorrow.

    Here are the top ten after stage 7.

    Provisional Race Results

    1. ABBOTT Mara
    2. GUDERZO Tatiana
    3. HAUSLER Claudia
    4. CAUZ Francesca
    5. VOS Marianne
    Provisional VSP Results

    1. dancollins (13 points)
    2. sprider (11 points)
    3. leadout (11 points)
    4. moondance (6 points)
    5. MJ Moquin (6 points)
    6. strathlubnaig (4 points)
    7. Steampunk (4 points)
    8. xyxax (4 points)
    9. girl (4 points)
    10. ramenvelo (4 points)
  4. Wow…one pick in the top five and out of position at that….need to bone up on women’s cycling!

  5. It’s over so soon. Marianne Vos finished off the podium. An American won on her climbing strength. For those interested. Podiumcafé.com has some decent coverage of the racing. Prizes, sure there are prizes. I don’t know what but if Frank makes it back to Velominati world headquarters, prizes shall be announced. But know that @dancollins was victorious.

    [vsp_results id=”24203″/]

  6. @Gianni

    @The Grande Fondue

    My mistake. I had set this up as a grand tour instead of a stage race and…you don’t need to hear the rest. If you get screwed we will fix this.

    I think I was screwed. I think I should be getting 3 points for Evelyn Stevens?

  7. Wow I hope my Tour VSP comes out better than this, and what happened to Vos in 6th place thats no help for me.

    But on the bright side go Mara Abbott and USA women’s cycling!!

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